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Advanced SQL Courses for Data Analysts – A Complete Review

Even data analysts who already know SQL need to keep their skills sharp. Where can you find the best advanced SQL courses for data analysts? Check out our review of the top online sources! In this article, I present a list of online SQL courses for data analysts. These courses are offered by various platforms. Why wait? Let’s jump right in! 8 Advanced SQL Courses for Data Analysts Let's take a closer look at these courses to decide which platform will be better for you in learning SQL.

Top 3 Platforms to Learn SQL Online: A Complete Comparison

Do you want to learn SQL online? Where do you start? There are many choices on the internet, and it can be hard to decide. But don’t worry—I tested and compared three major platforms to help you find the best place to learn SQL online! E-learning is on the rise. It gives us infinite possibilities of growing our professional careers without leaving our homes. And increasing our competencies is especially important now that the labor market has become dynamic and unstable.

Why Take the “SQL Basics” Course at’s interactive “SQL Basics” course teaches the foundations of SQL. Discover why we built this online course, our philosophy behind it, and what it contains! What Is SQL, and Why Should You Learn It? SQL is a language used to talk to databases, computer programs that hold data and can process it efficiently. SQL can select data from a database and perform various computations on the data, be they simple or complex.

What is the Best SQL Training Online?

In today’s data-driven world, SQL is a highly sought-after skill, but it cannot be mastered merely over a fortnight. With so many resources at your disposal to learn SQL, where do you even consider beginning, and how do you practice SQL? Savvy and knowledgeable database professionals have consistently been in high demand over the last five years. If you are aiming to advance your career as a database developer, administrator, warehousing specialist, or analyst, SQL training and mastery is an absolute necessity.

How to Practice SQL After a Video Course

When you're just starting to learn coding, the most obvious first step is to watch online video courses. They're one of the most popular ways to learn the basics of a new technology without investing a lot of time and money. But you need to do more than that to master the topic. What should be your next step? When someone asks me about how to start learning to code, I often recommend trying video tutorials first.

How to Rank Rows in SQL: A Complete Guide

Don’t struggle with SQL ranking functions anymore! This article will guide you through the most common ranking use cases. Rankings are used around us every day. Sports tournaments, the best movies and TV series on Netflix, stores with the cheapest products—these are only a few examples of rankings you might’ve seen recently. Using SQL RANK functions might be hard sometimes. The variety of different constructions is enormous. You can easily get lost in everything there is to learn about ranking.

Online Education in the Times of COVID-19 grants free access to their Interactive courses till 04/20/2020. People around the world are faced with a new challenge. A challenge which requires swift action and adaptability. Students and teachers, employers and employees, families and friends. Many have shown vigilance and decisiveness, while at the same time trying their best to maintain their everyday-life continuity. However, there are those who, due to the current circumstances, need to postpone plans and invest their resources in different areas.

Stay at Home and Learn SQL for Free with

Working remotely is a dream come true for some. You ditch commuting and have more time for the people you love and the things you enjoy. For others, it's a challenge to maintain their focus when there are new distractions. It's also an opportunity to invest the few gained hours in learning something new. Staying at home can be a time when you might find yourself busier than you've ever been, but not getting many things done, and worse, not learning what you planned to.

Video Tutorial or Interactive SQL Course – Which Is Better?

Are you ready to get started with SQL but unsure which learning method is the most effective? In this post, we’ll talk about the pros and cons of learning SQL from an instructional video vs. an interactive online course. Are you a chronic Internet-using student who’s planning to learn SQL? Maybe you did some research but still don’t know which kind of training is worth your (limited) time. We all have families, hobbies, and other after-work commitments, and finding the right resource for learning SQL will save you some time.

The Top 7 Platforms with the Best SQL Courses for 2020

Are you struggling to narrow down which platforms are the best for learning SQL online? We have all been there. I know how confusing it can be when choosing amongst the hundreds of resources available. Find out below which platforms offer the most enriching and seamless SQL learning experiences online. In this article, I will review the platforms with the best online SQL courses offered this year. Whether you are a student looking for your first job, a professional hoping to transition to a data analysis, or an experienced data practitioner, there are plenty of great opportunities to learn SQL online at various levels of technical ability.

Learning SQL? 12 Ways to Practice SQL Online

If you’re currently learning SQL, you may have found yourself knee-deep in reading material and may be wondering how on earth you can bridge the gap between book knowledge and real-life SQL application. In this article, we bring you 12 of the most effective ways to practice SQL online, taking you from a bookworm to a database butterfly in no time at all! All theory and no practice will make you a frustrated SQL user!