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All our interactive SQL courses are designed to help you assimilate important concepts. We also provide lots of hands-on experience with realistic exercises and business scenarios.

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1. Some reading

SQL syntax is explained in detail – and in an easy-to-remember way.

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Practicing SQL

2. Tons of practice

Solve in-browser coding challenges based on real-world SQL problems and get practical experience.

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3. Earn Certificates

Tell the world about your new skills and prove them with trusted certificates.

Analytical path

SQL Querying & Reporting

This path will empower you to use SQL to analyze data and get actionable insights. It's a foundation that will allow you to make great data-driven business decisions.

Select preferred SQL dialect
What is an SQL dialect?

It’s kinda like in the English language. English speakers from different countries and regions use variety of different accents, as well as various localized words and grammatical constructions. Based on these factors many different dialects of the same language can be identified. Although the SQL language has been standardized, different relational database vendors extended or changed the standard more or less.

If you spend most of the time working in one particular database, select its dedicated dialect and we will teach you how to work in the given system in the most effective and efficient way. This includes specific naming conventions, built-in functions, and errors. Otherwise, select the Standard SQL. It’s the best option to get you prepared to work with the most popular databases out there.

Engineering path

SQL Data Engineering

Follow this path if you wanna learn how to store, manage, and optimize data in a relational database.

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  • 1/ 5


    Lots of practice and encouragement as well as help if you need it. Just look at the class chat area. The stuff I have learned so far has helped me in several projects that I am currently working on.

    Sheila Dickson

    Sharepoint Administrator/Developer and Graphics Designer (INDUS Technology)

  • 2/ 5


    Vertabelo is an amazing resource for learning SQL. The curriculum is well designed, the databases and exercises are varied and interesting, the layout is superb, and the staff is responsive and helpful. I can't wait to see what else is coming as new courses seem to be popping up regularly!

    Patrick Wellborn

    Industrial Maintenance Technician (Linetec)

  • 3/ 5


    Your courses do a great job of explaining the material and are very challenging but not discouraging. I have really enjoyed your courses, and I always recommend your company anytime I come across somebody looking to learn SQL.

    Mario DiMartino

    Test Engineer (BioTel Research)

  • 4/ 5


    Vertabelo is really easy to use, the learning is well-paced, and the interactive platform is exceptional. The best part is, I can log on any time during work or at home and do a few lessons to advance my knowledge.

    Mick Pagel

    Supply Chain Analyst (Carvana)

  • 5/ 5


    Vertabelo Academy provided me with the chance to learn SQL well enough to list it as a skill for my resume and job applications. This has been a great supplement to my education. It is a great resource (and an inexpensive one) to learn SQL and get the language mastered.

    Ethan Shutt

    Loss Prevention Representative (Nordstrom)

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Over 20000 people at Uber took a ride in our online SQL courses. Why do the employees of the world's best-known data-driven company love Vertabelo Academy so much?

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