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Author: Tihomir Babic

Tihomir is a financial and data analyst turned database designer from Zagreb, Croatia. He has extensive experience in the financial services industry, which helps him combine his finance background with his interest in data. When not tinkering with data, he likes to play the guitar in a band and pretend to be a musician. He also regularly writes columns for the Croatian LGBT news site and hopes to soon write his first novel.

Advanced SQL Interview Questions (and Answers)

Do you want to move to a job that uses SQL? Are you unsure about what to expect during the job interview or how to benchmark your knowledge? This article will give you a good idea of where you stand. If you feel stuck in your job, you’re not the only one. The modern division of work pushes people to perform very specific tasks, expecting them not to look at what's on the other side.

When Do I Use SQL Window Functions?

Have you heard one of your colleagues bragging about using SQL window functions? Do you know basic SQL but not much, or anything, about window functions? If you want to learn about window functions and how to use them in a business context, you’re in the right place! This happens often. You reach a certain level of knowledge, and you feel like the king (or queen) of the world. Then, you overhear your colleagues talking about something you have never heard of (in this case, window functions).

What Online SQL Courses Are Best for Finance and Economics Majors?

Are you studying finance and wondering how you can use your knowledge in this technical world? Maybe you’ve just started working as a data analyst and you want to bring new tools and skills to your workplace? This article could help you with the list of the SQL courses worth trying. Maybe you’re studying finance and find your studies too theoretical. How will you put this knowledge into practice?

Common Entry Level SQL Developer Interview Questions

Have you ever been interviewed for an entry-level SQL position? Are you planning to apply for such a job? This article will help you to know what to expect and prepare for common SQL developer interview questions. After gaining some basic knowledge of SQL and programming, you're probably wondering what to do next. Or maybe you're not wondering! You know that what you've learned will soon disappear if you don't use it regularly.

Career Change: From Accountant to Database Designer

How do career changes and life choices impact our future? Can we change the path that's been set for us? And if so, where do we begin? I wouldn't blame you if you thought this article is about change. In a sense, it is—it's in the title, after all. But for me, this article is more about what remains constant. If somebody were to ask me what hasn't changed for me since my childhood, I would know the answer immediately: curiosity.