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New Course: Customer Behavior Analysis in SQL

Good news! A new SQL course is here! We’re happy to announce the release of our Customer Behavior Analysis in SQL course. Do you want to get to know your clients and better understand their needs and behavior? If so, this great interactive SQL course is for you. Discover the power of full customer lifecycle analytics in SQL and know more than your competitors.

The team is happy to announce the release of a new SQL course on our platform: Customer Behavior Analysis in SQL. This is an advanced SQL course for users who know the basics of SQL and want to analyze customer behavior in SQL.

customer behavior in SQL

This course is the final course in our SQL Reporting track, which shows how to use SQL to analyze business problems. The track now contains three courses:

  1. Creating Basic SQL Reports – foundations of using SQL to prepare business reports (read more about the course here)
  2. Revenue Trend Analysis in SQL – analyzing how revenue trends, and other business metrics, change over time (read more about the course here)
  3. Customer Behavior Analysis in SQL – the new course

With this new course, Customer Behavior Analysis in SQL, learn how to analyze the whole customer lifecycle in SQL. We start with tracking customer registration and conversion rates. Then, we measure customer activity. Finally, we analyze customer churn in SQL.

Throughout the online course, you'll be working on an imaginary dataset of an online supermarket that sells groceries and other everyday products. The queries and metrics introduced in the course can be easily adapted to other businesses. We focus on explaining how to construct appropriate SQL queries rather than just showing you SQL template patterns to memorize. This will teach you how to work with SQL independently.

How long is the course?

There are 76 exercises in the course, divided into five parts. Each part deals with one stage of the customer funnel: registration, conversion, activity, and churn. There is also a short quiz at the end to review everything you learned in the course. We estimate that completing the course takes about 10 hours.

Which database engine does the course use?

In the Customer Behavior Analysis in SQL course, we teach the syntax of standard SQL. The queries you will learn in this course will work with all relational databases, like Oracle, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, and MySQL.

Who should take this course?

This course is for Data Analysts who know the basics of SQL and want to use it for reporting. It will be beneficial to professionals working in sales and marketing, in particular sales managers and marketing managers. This course can also be taken by anyone who needs to make data-driven business decisions about product strategy, for example, product managers. Additionally, this course can be great for anyone who knows SQL in theory and would like to see how SQL is used in practice.

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