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Author: Emil Drkušić

INSERT INTO author (first_name, last_name) VALUES (‘Emil’, ‘Drkušić’);
INSERT INTO experience (details) VALUES
    (‘15+ years experience with databases’),
    (‘database design’),
    (‘data analytics’),
    (‘hands on experience on many projects (in IT, finance, telco)’),
    (‘writing articles’),
(‘technologies: SQL, MySQL, SQL Server, MS Access, MS Excel, VBA, C/C++/C#, Python’) ;
INSERT INTO personal_info (details) VALUES
    (‘from: Zagreb, Croatia, Europe’)
    (‘hobbies: friends & family, hiking, chess, philately, history’);

What Is the Difference Between a GROUP BY and a PARTITION BY?

Window functions are a great addition to SQL, and they can make your life much easier if you know how to use them properly. Today, we will address the differences between a GROUP BY and a PARTITION BY. We’ll start with the very basics and slowly get you to a point where you can keep researching on your own. PARTITION BY vs. GROUP BY The PARTITION BY and the GROUP BY clauses are used frequently in SQL when you need to create a complex report.

How to Become an SQL Developer

There is no simple answer to the question “How do you become an SQL developer?” However, if the answer were too complex, there would be no point in writing this article, and yet I’m doing it. So, somewhere along the way, we’ll find the answer. As said in the intro, there is no magic wand that will turn you into an SQL developer. But reading this article will save you some time and help you focus on what is important to achieve your goal.