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4 minutes read’s Monthly SQL Practice in 2022

Are you looking for ways to practice SQL? Tired of boring exercises based on unreal scenarios? We have something for you! Every month, we publish a new set of SQL practice exercises. You'll find all of them in the monthly SQL Practice.

Here at, we believe the best way to learn SQL is through practice. All of our SQL courses (and there are over 30 of them!) are hands-on. You learn SQL by writing real SQL code. With each exercise solved, you gain confidence in your SQL skills.

We know it’s difficult to find fun SQL practice challenges. The hardest thing for novice users is either trying to do exercises that are too difficult and discouraging or trivial tasks that do not help them grow. Either way, they gain nothing and only end up wasting time.

We want to provide our users with as many different chances to practice SQL as possible. That’s why we came up with the idea for a monthly SQL practice.

The monthly SQL practice is an interactive SQL mini-course containing a set of 5 to 15 SQL exercises. We create our courses based on real business scenarios. We don't want to give our users abstract SQL challenges or examples that have no real-world background.

You play the role of an online store owner, construction company, travel agency, or member of a running club and solve their business problems using SQL. Some of those SQL queries you can use in your own projects. See how SQL helps your business grow!

Our interactive SQL courses are fun, and we hope everyone finds a theme he/she enjoys.’s Monthly SQL Practice in 2022

Like all of our courses, our monthly SQL practice courses are interactive. First, you are given a story with a problem to solve. Then, we show 2-5 tables we use in the course. Next, you get 5-15 SQL practice exercises to solve. Our learning platform automatically verifies your code and gives you feedback. It's a real hands-on experience!

We estimate each monthly SQL practice course can be completed in about an hour. You can do them during your lunch break or as a fun nerdy activity on weekends!

Monthly SQL Practice in 2022: Alternate Levels of Difficulty

For 2022, we continue the way monthly SQL practice courses are organized we started in 2021. We alternate the difficulty levels of our Monthly SQL Practice: one month, the practice course is at the basic level, providing the necessary SQL practice for beginners. The basic practice courses are suitable for users who have completed our SQL Basics course.

The next month’s practice is more advanced, designed for those who want to practice intermediate and advanced SQL. The advanced practice courses are based on our intermediate and advanced SQL courses, such as "Window Functions" course, SQL Reporting, Recursive Queries, and Standard SQL Functions.

The monthly SQL practice for odd-numbered months (January, March, May, etc.) is advanced. The monthly SQL practice in even-numbered months (February, April, June, etc.) is basic.

2021 Monthly SQL Practice Available as Separate Courses

We’ve also decided to bundle all 2021 monthly SQL practice courses together into two separate courses. 2021 Monthly SQL Practice Sets - Basic contains all basic SQL practice from 2021 (monthly SQL practice from February, April, June, August, October, and December), and 2021 Monthly SQL Practice Sets - Advanced contains all advanced SQL practice from 2021 (SQL practice from January, March, May, July, September, and November).’s Monthly SQL Practice in 2022

The 2021 Monthly SQL Practice Sets - Basic has 93 interactive exercises organized in 6 parts. The 2021 Monthly SQL Practice Sets - Advanced has 91 interactive SQL exercises and also has 6 parts.

Our regular monthly SQL practice courses are priced at $29 each, like any other course at Monthly SQL practice courses are primarily completed by our Forever plan users. (The Forever plan gives you access to all our current and future SQL courses.) So, monthly SQL practice gives Forever plan users something new to practice each month.

For people taking single SQL courses on our platform, the new 2021 Monthly SQL Practice Sets - Basic and 2021 Monthly SQL Practice Sets - Advanced courses, priced at $29, offer a budget-friendly option to buy a comprehensive set of SQL practice problems. The courses are ideal for users who know SQL and are looking for a fun exercise set to practice SQL on their own.

Practice SQL with in 2022!

This is the best time to practice SQL. And the best source of it is simply writing SQL queries. Thanks to our monthly SQL Practice, you don't have to look for places to train your skills anymore. is the way to go!

Still hungry for more hands-on SQL exercises? Choose the SQL Practice track, which has over 600 interactive exercises that test how far you have come in becoming an SQL expert.

Make 2022 the year of SQL for you!