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Free Online Courses You Should Take If You Use SQL

If you are an SQL enthusiast, already work with SQL, or want to learn it – you'll surely be interested in acquiring new skills that will support your growth. These free courses will increase your productivity, help you find your way around the work environment, and help you become a better analyst. By the way, they are also fun.

Whoever said learning new things is easy has never tried to learn quantum physics (thank you, Mr. Schrödinger). Relax, I'm not going to convince you to quit your job and look for extensions to the atomic scale collision theory. However good it may seem, it is not the case.

For this, I will offer you my thoughts on interesting and more importantly free courses available on the Internet, with which you can develop your so-called soft skills.

Do you sometimes lack motivation and strength to look for new challenges? Don’t know what else to do to expand your arsenal of skills? What should you add to your SQL skills to be an even more attractive candidate in the market or to simply work more efficiently and better? Take it easy, I'll give you a hint.

Yes, you can do it for FREE! You don't have to spend your entire weekly paycheck to take useless online courses. There are many valuable resources out there that I think everyone should get to know.

Soft skills courses will let you adapt quickly to your new work environment. They also help develop other skills like communicating with everyone around you and how to appreciate yourself. Developing soft skills develops self-esteem, which will contribute to your future professional heyday.

You can learn for free. Why not take a free course?

Free online courses SQL qoute

Today, you can learn online without leaving your home. You have the opportunity to develop new skills and learn new things sitting on the couch with a cup of good coffee or tea (although after a long time you may be uncomfortable, for which you will find a solution in Jakub's article). Learning from home can be as effective as learning in a more traditional setting (e.g. classroom lectures) – IMHO, sometimes even more. Before you start learning online, check out the article that will help you become an effective learner.

Soft Skills – Do I Need Them?

Hard skills, i.e., your practical skills – knowledge of SQL, ability to work with databases (which you can easily learn), operating some specific devices, or coding skills, are very important.

They mainly determine your professional situation. When you work in a technology-related industry or learn new things to work in IT, your career will depend on your practical skills. You already know that you can learn hard skills online. You also know that it doesn't have to be a difficult task at all. We have already shown you that there are even highly specialized online courses that allow you to effectively learn even complex topics. So, I can assure you – you don't have to worry that it's not for you and you can't do it. Yes, you can!

Employers often focus on the skills of employees to ensure growth of the organization. What about soft skills? Critical thinking, interpersonal skills, conflict resolution, planning?

Although seemingly downplayed, it turns out that they are as important as hard skills. In a professional environment where you work with lots of people – colleagues, clients, whoever – you need to be able to communicate properly. You can learn it online, for free. And trust me, if you get it right, it will be a much better experience than a traditional classroom course.

There are many forms of e-learning. The most popular, of course, are the videos on platforms like YouTube. And that's a very good way to start your adventure in developing skills. But I know you want to learn from practical examples. Kate explains in her article what is more effective – video tutorials or interactive courses. Be sure to check it out!

A Free Online Course Doesn't Have to Be Low Quality

People think that if something is available for free, then it has no value. I understand why people sometimes think so – the web is full of nonsensical content that doesn't contribute anything. And even though you don't pay for them with money, you pay for them with your time, which is even more valuable than cash.

To save you time and effort, I've found 10 great free online courses for you that can make a big difference in your career development and self-esteem. Enjoy!

#1 Improve Communication Results & Become Effective Listener

Free Online Courses

In this free online course, you’ll learn what makes effective communication in a professional environment. Do you want to learn how to communicate effectively, how to say what you mean, but in the right way? Discover how to create logical communication and keep the recipient's attention. Learn how to listen, analyze, and maintain communication with others.

Communication is crucial for a professional. It's a very important skill that allows you to perform your duties effectively. That’s why headhunters often put a special emphasis on this. Excellent communication skills are highly desirable especially when working in a large team – whether you are a manager or an employee.

With this course, you can learn the ins and outs of effective communication for free.

The course is available on the Udemy platform. It includes 1.5 hours of high-quality video materials with some really cool and interesting content.

#2 Personal Branding for Career Success

Fine feathers make fine birds. It doesn’t matter if you're just taking your first steps in your professional career or if you are already an experienced SQL expert. It's always a good thing to have your own personal brand.

Free Online Courses

Personal Branding covers all aspects that matter when people develop an opinion about you. This may include not only your resume and LinkedIn profile but also your personal image.

When you submit application documents, recruiters look for information about you. They want to know as much as they can about you – what you're interested in, what value you can bring to their business, and whether you are a fit for the team. In this online course of personal branding, you will learn for free how to build a good impression. It just pays to be seen well.

#3 A Mini Course on Time Management

Some of the biggest problems of the modern world are procrastination and poor organizational skills. They take their toll on you when you learn SQL and when you are faced with an important task at work.

It is said that the harder and bigger the task, the greater the tendency to procrastinate and postpone it. Here, motivation and organizational skills will be important.

Learn to control your day and your calendar. Set your own tasks and plan them accordingly to maximize your chances of success. Remember, the same goes for learning in general and taking SQL courses at – plan, motivation, and consistency are key to success.

Free Online Courses

At Udemy, you will learn to manage your time for free. Learn how to help you stay productive and do more things with full focus. Who knows, you might completely eliminate distractions from your work or learning! I think it's worth it. I also used to have huge problems with procrastination myself.

#4 Presentation Skills

In any company, in each department, you will eventually face the need to present the results of your work. Perhaps you'll prepare a report based on the data you've obtained from the database.

The point is that even the most in-depth report should be properly presented. You need to be able to communicate the most important elements of your work. It’s also good to be able to choose the right style. You should sound like an expert when speaking about your impact. You can do it; all it takes is a little theory and practice.

Free Online Courses

Every analyst needs the ability to present their insights and conclusions. After all, it is there that the board members will make their strategic decisions. An organization cannot be data-driven if the analyst cannot show the impact of his/her work.

Find out what you need to do to grab the attention of your audience with your presentation and not put them to sleep when you speak. You can learn for free! Well, unless you need a certificate. Then you’d have to pay extra for it!

#5 Business English

Free Online Courses

This course is aimed at people who are not fluent in English or those whose their native language is not English. Even though you are reading an article in English, many of us could still improve our language skills. It's not about communicating in English but rather about speaking well enough to be self-confident and letting others see us as professionals.

The business world requires business English. You need to master it to navigate in this environment. Learn to choose your words to be understood, establish business relationships, and become a leader. In this course, you will learn how to achieve language proficiency in negotiations. The course is available in 8 languages! Except English, of course.

#6 Maximizing Your Personal Productivity

Robert “Bob” Pozen needs no introduction. He is undoubtedly considered a productivity guru (just take a look at his path of success). If you are looking for tips for working effectively, take some from one of the best. There’s nothing more valuable than learning from practical experience!

This lecture is intended for executives, but others can also learn a lot from it. It’s available on YouTube, of course for free. Gain some practical knowledge about productivity. You’ll be able to motivate yourself better by looking at your work with SQL or anything else from your manager's point of view. Practical case studies Bob Pozen discusses will show you some situations and real-life scenarios that will help you achieve your goals. This lecture is really food for thought!

#7 Communication and Interpersonal Skills at Work

Every employee in every company must be able to communicate effectively. Using the right kind of tone and vocabulary in a business conversation will help you achieve exactly what you want. There are certain rules for presenting your ideas, concepts, work outcomes, and suggestions, or for simply talking to colleagues about topics related to your work environment, which affect the perceptions about you in your business.

Free Online Courses

The course Communication and Interpersonal Skills at Work will help you have better conversations with positive results. You will also learn how to clean up and smooth your communication style and how to integrate your style with your work environment.

#8 Critical Thinking & Problem Solving

If you're a data engineer or data analyst, you're always facing a problem to be solved with data. Knowing what you need and how to get it is not just about SQL and language skills. You need to be able to analyze the problem and choose the right tools to solve it. Critical thinking allows you to assess the situation and design the right solution, which is a key aspect of working with SQL.

Free Online Courses

This free online course on the edX platform will help you systematize your troubleshooting knowledge. You will learn how to identify the most important aspects of the problem. After completing the free course, you will be able to strategically analyze everything you face at work so that you can perform your tasks more efficiently. You will also learn how to use your failures to achieve even better results in the future.

#9 Excel Basics for Data Analysis

We believe SQL is the best tool for working with relational databases. However, in some organizations, Excel is still the primary tool. Why? People are used to it, and they just don't know the power of SQL. Well, we try to convince them to change their habits by recommending, for example, the SQL Basics course.

But if you really need to use spreadsheets and MS Excel, learn from the best in the business.

Free Online Courses

This completely free online course on Coursera was created by IBM. It’s aimed at novice users of the tool. You will expand your knowledge in the most practical way possible, on issues you are likely to encounter in your professional career. Once you complete the course, working on spreadsheets will be much smoother, and you will better understand the functions and principles of data formatting.

Or maybe you will try to convince your boss that it is worth betting on SQL. Here are some tips on how to do it.

#10 The Foundations of Happiness at Work

Last, but definitely not the least. You spend a very large part of your life at work. If you are not happy, it affects your private sphere. You become frustrated, feel down, and burn out. In a situation like this, it’s highly likely you lose the desire to develop your skills and nurture passion. And you will wake up every day hating your work. I really don't want you to feel that way.

Free Online Courses

That's why I think this course is the most important. I want you to be able to see your work as a passion and a pleasure.

This free course on edX will teach you a new approach to work and how to create a friendly working environment. If you are happy at your job, you will spread your wings and contribute not only to your own personal development but also to the entire organization. I also recommend this course to HR departments and managers. It's knowledge that can change the face of work for good!

Get Ready to Expand Your Skills With Free Online Courses!

If you are at the stage of finding or changing your way, know that soft skills are very important in any job. There are tons of courses, both free and paid, to make your job easier. Today, you don't have to leave your home to explore the knowledge of this world. You can develop in any area that seems interesting to you, from glass painting techniques to SQL and nuclear physics (but SQL is the best option!).

Since you're here, like me, you want to learn SQL effectively. You may want to work with data and want to learn as much as possible for your SQL career. My colleague has prepared a set of tips you should consider when looking for a job in databases.

Free soft skills courses will be essential for learning and work. However, if you feel unsatisfied, I encourage practical development. It doesn't matter if you are just learning or if you want to develop yourself while working full-time. In terms of educational content, the Internet is a blessing. You can find courses on any topic, even courses for marketers working with SQL.

Your learning time is an investment. Each skill you acquire will bear fruit in the future. And if your work is about what you're familiar with and something fun to do, you'll be happy. So, try new things, develop, and learn. Life is too short to be stuck!