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Where Can I Find Good Courses to Practice MS SQL Server?

Updated on: April 6, 2024

Begin your journey to mastering MS SQL Server with the finest practice exercises out there. Whether you are a beginner or seeking to improve your T-SQL skills, explore the top destinations for the most engaging and interactive MS SQL practice courses online.

You've started learning MS SQL Server. Maybe you've done a course, watched some YouTube tutorials, and feel pretty confident in your knowledge. What now? Let me tell you, you need to practice. Only by writing queries can you truly master SQL. In this article, I will show you where to find practice MS SQL Server exercises. Fasten your seat belt and let's go!

I assume you are a SQL novice. If you don’t know anything about this stuff and would like to get to know MS SQL Server, I recommend starting with our SQL Basics in MS SQL Server course. Once you have mastered the basics, come back and see what your next step should be.

What Is MS SQL Server?

Let me start by deciphering the abbreviations in the name MS SQL Server. MS is just Microsoft. Ring any bells? The association with the global software giant, which has dominated the IT industry for the last decades, isn’t accidental, as I’ll explain in a second.

SQL stands for Structured Query Language, which is the language we use when working with databases – creating and modifying them as well as storing and retrieving data from them. In the case of MS SQL Server, the SQL dialect is called Transact-SQL (T-SQL).

MS SQL Server is a variant of SQL that’s used by Microsoft products to support relational databases (DBMS). I know there are a lot of acronyms here... If you feel a bit lost, try our Microsoft SQL Server Pros and Cons article. You’ll find more info on MS SQL Server there.

One thing you should know is that MS SQL Server databases are one of the three most popular relational database solutions in the world. They set a standard in the industry that other manufacturers are trying to match. Microsoft engineers have been developing MS SQL Server for almost 30 years; we’re currently up to the 15th edition. Companies around the world use SQL Server, and it’s a great solution for both analysts and developers.

Suffice it to say that MS SQL Server is a brilliant solution and very worth learning.

What Does It Mean to Practice MS SQL Server?

Practice makes perfect. This saying, too often repeated, is very true. But in our case, what does it mean to practice MS SQL Server? Nothing more than writing SQL queries to solve problems in different scenarios and with different datasets.

At, we strongly believe that only by practicing can we really learn something. Just like running, driving, or playing the piano, SQL requires practice – a lot of practice. All our courses are created to give users hands-on experience; our motto is “learning by doing”.

If you want to know more about how to effectively practice SQL, please pause reading this article and check out Learning SQL? 12 Ways to Practice SQL Online.

To write SQL queries, you have the flexibility to use a simple command line interface or an advanced Integrated Development Environment (IDE), such as SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS). Here is how to install it. For those who prefer alternative SQL IDEs, here are some recommended options, each offering unique features and functionalities tailored to diverse SQL development needs.

Where Can I Find Good Courses to Practice MS SQL Server?

Before I came to, I was looking for good practice exercises myself; I must admit that it is not easy to find perfect courses. Therefore, I have decided to help you a little and spare you the agony of chaotically clicking on various forums and sites. I present to you the SQL Practice in MS SQL Server track.

It features over 180 interactive exercises that will provide you with plenty of MS SQL Server practice. You’ll review and implement all the knowledge you’ve gathered about MS SQL Server. Practicing your T-SQL skills has never been easier.

Good Courses to Practice MS SQL Server

This track contains two fully interactive courses:

  • SQL Practice Set in MS SQL Server - 88 interactive exercises. Practice simple
    queries, aggregate functions like
    , grouping and ordering results, JOINs, and various types of subqueries. Explore our comprehensive SQL practice set in MS SQL Server to solidify your skills with hands-on exercises tailored for all levels.
  • JOINs in MS SQL Server - 93 interactive exercises. This focuses mainly on JOINs, which allow you to work with data from multiple tables. Here, you’ll practice using JOIN on many tables in a single query. You’ll learn how to use
    , and
    , how to correctly filter data with different kinds of JOINs, and much more. Become a real MS SQL Server

If you know the basics of T-SQL and want to keep your coding skills up to date, this learning path is for you. These interactive SQL practice courses will take your skills to the next level.

Don't be afraid that something will go wrong. LearnSQL support is always there to help. If you have a problem with an exercise, you can use the provided hints or email us.

Who Needs MS SQL Server Practice?

The above practice track will be especially useful to people looking for interactive SQL exercises. Are you looking for a job? Or maybe you have an interview coming up and you’d like to be well prepared. Try our track. You can also check out our article What SQL Practice Do You Need to Prepare for a Technical Job Interview?. Go over your SQL and boost your confidence.

Students preparing for a SQL test or exam will also benefit from our courses. If you’re a student, we have a special promotion for you. Check out the details of our SQL training for Education offer.

Now, Go Practice MS SQL Server!

Now you know where you can find good courses to practice MS SQL Server. We have many other great (and affordable!) courses at Just check our latest offer.

Do you want to develop further in MS SQL Server? If you already know the basics, I recommend you try the Advanced SQL in MS SQL Server track, which covers SQL window functions, CTEs, and GROUP BY extensions. Check out the free trial of this course. Just log in and do a few exercises and find out what a real interactive SQL course looks like.

Good Courses to Practice MS SQL Server

To practice MS SQL Server in our courses, you do not need to install or set anything up on your computer. All you need is the internet, a browser, and a bit of motivation. Set your goal and get practicing! We will help you to make your MS SQL Server dreams come true.