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Author: Jakub Romanowski

Jakub was a journalist for various news television stations for many years. Then, he fell in love with programming, and it changed his life. At Vertabelo, he attracts and retains clients through content marketing. In his free time, he enjoys playing football with his son, reading science fiction, training in martial arts, and cooking for his family and friends.

Which Major Companies Use PostgreSQL? What Do They Use It for?

Which companies use the open-source relational database management system PostgreSQL? Find out … and learn why you should be a PostgreSQL user too. You know the blue elephant logo. You have heard that PostgreSQL is a very good solution. But which companies use it? Here is a list of the largest IT and business companies that use PostgreSQL (or Postgres, for short). Multinationals worth billions of dollars can't be wrong, right?

The Man Behind

If it wasn't for this guy, would never have been created. He manages the entire company, makes strategic decisions – and talks little about himself. Who is the man behind Meet Vertabelo CEO Jarosław Błąd. SELECT interests, early_career, advice FROM Jarek AS WHERE answer IS NOT Null AND success IS True; If you were to write one sentence about yourself, what would it be? I think I would say that I am an ordinary, simple guy who really likes what he does.

Types of Database Jobs: Choose One of Them and Start Being Awesome

Do you dream of high earnings and interesting work? Are you fed up with your boss and his or her annoying vacation stories in exotic countries? Is it time to change your job? Why not learn SQL? Here are some examples of the types of database jobs that may lead you to a better life. What types of database jobs use SQL? Here are some examples, but first, a small caveat.

Top 10 Websites That Will Help You Find the Perfect SQL Job

People learn SQL for many reasons. In my case, I wanted to find a better job that would allow me to earn more and have more free time to pursue my interests. But where do you find such a job? Here is my list of the 10 best websites with database jobs. Although SQL is almost 40 years old, it is appearing in more and more job advertisements. Data has become an essential tool for entrepreneurs, and they are looking for people to squeeze every bit of information from their databases.

How to Stay Healthy When Learning SQL

So, maybe you’re learning SQL. Congratulations! Or maybe you already work as a data analyst, DBA, or data scientist. That’s great too! Either way, you are most likely spending hours in front of a computer. I will give you tips on how to avoid bad habits and take care of your health while learning and/or working with SQL. Have you ever wondered how sitting in front of a computer affects your health?

How to Practice SQL

Do you already know what SQL aggregation functions are, what JOINs are, and how i“group by” is different than“order by”? Great, congratulations. But don't you think that in order to master SQL and be able to apply it, you need to practice? We advise you on how to practice SQL to prepare for a data analyst job interview or to simply boost your knowledge effectively. Because, as they say, SQL practice makes perfect.

SQL, Databases, and Hollywood Movies

Policemen, doctors, lawyers, scientists, teachers: These are the professions that we often see in Hollywood movies. But are movies also trying to show what the work of data analysts looks like? Here is a list of six movies in which screenwriters, directors, and producers decided to cast SQL and databases in the main roles. Data analysis is most often associated with business, reporting, and making key decisions for the company.

Join us on Facebook–We Can Learn More Together

We are so happy that you have joined us to learn and develop your SQL skills! We want to invite you to a new Facebook group, We Learn SQL. It is a great place for anyone interested in meeting like-minded people who also want to learn about database-related concepts. Learning together is easier, don't you think? Joining this group is a great opportunity to begin sharing your learning experiences with others.

YouTube Tutorials That Actually Teach You Some SQL

YouTube is not just funny cats, music clips, and viral videos. It can also be a mine of knowledge – if you know where to look. Can YouTube tutorials really help you learn SQL? Let's say you're a marketer or an accountant. You work with databases every day. But when it’s time to write a query and get specific data, you need to call someone from IT. Why not learn to do it yourself?