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Top 10 Beginner Online SQL Courses in 2022

Ready for New Year’s changes? Good, because now you have a perfect chance to achieve something new: Improve your skills by learning SQL! In this article, we’ll point you toward some great online SQL courses to help you meet this goal.

SQL, or Structured Query Language, is the language used to communicate with relational databases. When you know SQL, you can add, delete, change, and make calculations using the data in a database. Watch Adrian Więch’s short video for full details:

Why Take an SQL Course?

Learning SQL can open the door to your dream career. If you plan to start your adventure in IT, knowing SQL will enable you to do so. But many other fields – such as finance, marketing, sales, logistics, security, business administration, and more – can use SQL.

And if you like your current job, learning SQL can help you add value to your company. It’s a simple, universal language that will free you from Excel spreadsheets. By doing a good online SQL course, you increase your chances of a raise or even a promotion.

And if you run your own business, SQL is a must-have. As an owner, you need to manage data and processes, which SQL can help you do with ease. (And if you don't want to deal with it in person, you can train your employees. Find out how SQL courses improve employee onboarding.)

In short, SQL is worth learning!

SQL Is for Everyone

Working with SQL is not difficult when you have the proper tools. After a short time, you get into it and start having fun. A good SQL course can make you understand almost everything that matters in data-related jobs. Plus,these practices help you make the most of your study time.

You can learn the basics of SQL in a few hours. After about a month of learning and practicing SQL, you should be able to start working with databases for real.

Choose a SQL Course Tailored to Your Needs

Learning SQL has never been easier than it is now. But contrary to appearances, finding a good course is not so easy. I was condemned to searching Google, reading tons of opinions, pondering ... which took me several long hours. I want to save you that work, so I’ve made a list of the online SQL courses that are worth your time.

The Best SQL Courses for 2022

In 2021, we prepared an ultimate list of SQL courses that was quite popular. This is our little tradition, so we have something special for you for 2022!

Our newest list of SQL courses for beginners come from the best sources and are recommended by IT specialists. The course authors have prepared them with care and an eye for details.

1.   SQL Basics

This is the SQL course I finally chose after a long, long search.

Top 10 Beginner Online SQL Courses in 2022

SQL Basics is part of the SQL from A to Z track. This means that you have the option to move on to more advanced content immediately after completing this course; you don't need to look any further. You can learn SQL on a familiar platform, without having to deal with new interfaces or teaching styles.

$29 US gets you lifetime access to this course. You can study whenever you want, at your own pace.

The course is interactive: You’ll solve problems by writing real SQL queries and immediately seeing their results. You don't need to install anything, which is often a stumbling block for novice users to learn. A web browser is enough here.

You can also start your  adventure in SQL Basics in MS SQL Server or SQL Basics in PostgreSQL.

2.   Relational Database Basics

If you want to learn the foundations of relational databases from an IT icon, we recommend this IBM course.

Top 10 Beginner Online SQL Courses in 2022

In this SQL course, you will learn how to build a relational database and how to use it (including creating tables, importing and exporting data, and normalizing the data). You will also learn about the differences between MySQL and PostgreSQL, two popular SQL dialects.

Participation in the basic version of the course is free. But you get limited access to the course, which means that your learning time is limited. However, you can buy paid access for $99. The paid course is available till the world ends and is extended with graded assignments and exams. After completing the paid course, you receive a skill badge that confirms your skills and is verifiable by your (future) employer!

3.   Introduction to SQL

SQL is easy to use, but to learn all of its ins and outs takes some time.

A good introduction to SQL is the Pluralsight course. You will learn that data doesn't have to be scary – all the more so because of the course's user-friendly interface and understandable teaching style.

Top 10 Beginner Online SQL Courses in 2022

In this SQL course, you will learn how to query data and generate meaningful results. You will also learn about the process of creating and modifying information in tables; by the end, you will learn how to manage the tables themselves.

The entire course takes approximately 3 hours to complete. If you haven't used Pluralsight before, you can start a trial period, during which the course will be available for free.

4.   The Complete SQL Bootcamp 2022: Go from Zero to Hero

Who hasn't heard of Udemy? This is one of the largest online course platforms in the world. If you want to learn SQL, it has thousands of options.

The Complete SQL Bootcamp is a Udemy bestseller. It’s rated 4.7 with over 100,000 ratings. And no wonder it's so popular! It teaches you how to use SQL from A to Z. You will learn the most popular tools, syntax, and how to analyze data. The most interesting thing, though, is that you can also learn the basics of Python!

Top 10 Beginner Online SQL Courses in 2022

Udemy course prices change frequently. Udemy often offers discounts for new users as well as for its most popular courses. Check out how much it costs today – and how long the price will last!

5.   Learn SQL by Udacity

This SQL course is for people who already have some knowledge of data types. The syllabus includes a section introducing you to SQL, but the distributor emphasizes that it’s worth knowing at least the basics.

Top 10 Beginner Online SQL Courses in 2022

The program is distinguished by the fact that it’s based on real projects prepared by industry experts, not on simulations. You also have constant access to a mentor, who will help you with both technical and theoretical matters. The program is flexible and you can plan your SQL learning sessions around your schedule.

This course is quite expensive. Monthly access costs $399, but you can cancel whenever you want. Two-month access to the course is $678. If you fail to complete the course within two months, you can purchase additional monthly access. After logging into the site, you may get dedicated discounts. Find out how much you can save!

6.   SQL Fundamentals

If you are going to become a SQL expert, you need a solid foundation.

The Dataquest SQL Fundamentals Skill Path will introduce you to the most important principles of SQL queries. You will learn to filter data, sum it up, use the SELECT clause, and more. By practicing, you'll learn why SQL skills make working with data faster – especially compared to working in spreadsheets.

Top 10 Beginner Online SQL Courses in 2022

This is a strong foundation if you’re on your way to becoming a database specialist.In this course, you learn by doing. You also receive the necessary support. The entire course takes approximately 20 hours.

If it turns out that this is the perfect option for you, the full version of this course is available after you subscribe to a  Premium plan for $49 per month (cancel anytime).

7.   Analyzing Big Data with SQL

Coursera is another proven learning platform; their Analyzing Big Data with SQL course was created for coding beginners who are particularly interested in large datasets.

Top 10 Beginner Online SQL Courses in 2022

After completing this SQL course, you’ll understand how to explore and navigate databases, find information, and use it for a variety of purposes. You’ll learn to formulate basic queries and use SQL functions. You will also understand why you should filter your results and how to get as much information out of them as possible.

The course takes approximately 18 hours. Enrollment in the course is free. The course is available in several language versions and is one part of a larger collection of courses on managing and analyzing Big Data.

8.   SQL & PostgreSQL for Beginners: Become an SQL Expert

This course was prepared by professional SQL instructor Jon Avis. It’s another Udemy course that has really great ratings and a lot of students (almost 20,000).

This SQL for beginners course includes 9 hours of video. When you purchase it, you gain lifetime access to its resources; you can become an expert in SQL and PostgreSQL exactly when you want.

Top 10 Beginner Online SQL Courses in 2022

You will learn to create relational databases yourself, from scratch; this means you get to know its structure and method of operation even better.

The course structure is friendly and consistent. In addition to its broad scope on SQL matters, you also get a guide on how to install and configure PostgreSQL.

As is usually the case with Udemy, the price fluctuates. Often there are really huge discounts of up to 85%!

9.   Oracle Basics

You probably know that Oracle is a leading database management system. This item on our list is not exactly a course. It’s a set of practical guides that were created by Oracle specialists that let you learn how to work on Oracle Databases from scratch.

Each of the functions is described in detail, and in the individual sections there are links to additional information. The tutorials will walk you through applying the functions.

Top 10 Beginner Online SQL Courses in 2022

This practical knowledge can be directly transferred to working with databases. You can use this resource as your primary site for learning about SQL  or as a research aid.

This is a nice option for people who like to learn new things on their own, without the participation of third parties. Experimenting with using commands as recommended in tutorials can be very educational.

10.   SQL - MySQL for Data Analytics and Business Intelligence

Are you interested in Business Intelligence? Learn SQL for BI – an excellent choice especially for people who work in business administration, marketing, or managerial positions. This is a great course for anyone who deals with data sets in their professional work!

Top 10 Beginner Online SQL Courses in 2022

This Udemy course has been designed in such a way that you will know what SQL is all about from the very beginning. You learn the basic issues and go straight to the point, i.e. you learn what you’ll actually use. By working with a real database, you are perfectly prepared to use the knowledge from the course in real life.

Learn SQL in Practice

Practice makes perfect. You won't learn to use SQL correctly unless you work with it on data. You can practice by experimenting with your own databases or on web-based ‘exercise’ databases.

But you can also do it with us. Our e-learning platform allows you to both learn and practice from anywhere in the world. Check out our SQL Practice to see if this is a good option for you. We will be with you whenever you want to learn something new.