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Author: Dorota Wdzięczna

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Subquery vs. JOIN

One of the challenges in writing SQL queries is choosing whether to use a subquery or a JOIN. There are many situations in which a JOIN is the better solution, and there are others where a subquery is better. Let’s consider this topic in detail. Subqueries are used in complex SQL queries. Usually, there is a main outer query and one or more subqueries nested within the outer query.

Overview of Ranking Functions in SQL

SQL ranking functions make working with relational databases easier, especially for data analysts, marketers, and financial specialists. These functions are used to assign a ranking number for each record and allow you to efficiently create useful reports. SQL ranking functions are window functions. Window functions compute the result based on a set of rows. The word “window” refers to this set of rows. Let’s look at the syntax of ranking functions:

Advanced SQL Courses for Data Analysts – A Complete Review

Even data analysts who already know SQL need to keep their skills sharp. Where can you find the best advanced SQL courses for data analysts? Check out our review of the top online sources! In this article, I present a list of online SQL courses for data analysts. These courses are offered by various platforms. Why wait? Let’s jump right in! 8 Advanced SQL Courses for Data Analysts Let's take a closer look at these courses to decide which platform will be better for you in learning SQL.

You Want to Learn SQL? You've Come to the Right Place!

It is difficult to list all the benefits of learning SQL. You will work faster and more efficiently with a database, you will no longer be dependent on the IT department, and you will be able to analyze the data yourself and draw appropriate conclusions, among others. Add reporting to this, and you will get a very wide range of cool and useful skills. Maybe you want to change jobs or get a promotion?

What Is a SQL Running Total and How Do You Compute It?

The SQL running total is a very common pattern, used frequently in finance and in trend analysis. In this article, you’ll learn what a running total is and how to write a SQL query to compute it. So, without further ado, let’s get started on the first part of the question. What’s a SQL Running Total? In SQL, a running total is the cumulative sum of the previous numbers in a column.

SQL Cookbook with Recipes for Success

The internet holds a lot of information and can provide solutions to various problems. SQL users, both beginners and advanced, often turn to the internet for help with SQL queries. This article will help you find the right SQL queries to solve your problems. Learn what the SQL Cookbook is and why you should use it. You will also find a list of the most important recipes, from which you will prepare a great SQL dish with the taste of success.

19 Top SQL Articles for Beginners Published in 2019

In 2019, a lot of new SQL articles were written for beginners. This kind of resource is useful not only for professionals. SQL articles allow you to develop skills, expand your knowledge, and use SQL in practice. They are a very good way to learn SQL. In this post, I gathered 19 top SQL articles of 2019. Let’s also learn SQL from articles! List of Top SQL Articles Published in 2019 We will start with five of the best articles published on the LearnSQL.

The Most Important SQL Queries for Beginners

How do you get data from a table? How do you create or delete a table? How do you display distinct records? How do you select rows which store a specific value in a column? You can easily do all of this by writing basic SQL queries. This guide discusses the 30 most important SQL queries for beginners. Let's take a look. 1. Retrieving Data From All Columns This is a very basic query to display all data from a table.

24 Rules to the SQL Formatting Standard

Writing queries to a database requires knowledge about SQL syntax, but this is not all you should know. Best practices for writing professional SQL code require good formatting skills. In this article I discuss why this is so important and what are the basic rules you should follow. Why is it Worthwhile to Format SQL Code? Beginner SQL programmers often don't pay much attention to formatting their code. If you think formatting is something that can be safely ignored, look at the code below:

14 Differences Between Standard SQL and Transact-SQL

In my last article, I roughly described how standard SQL differs from T-SQL and who should learn which. Now I'd like to focus on the syntax differences and illustrate these differences with examples. If you think T-SQL is an extension implementing all the features from standard SQL, you aren't right. However, in SQL Server you will find almost all the features of the SQL standard. In this article you will find examples of some of the differences in syntax between standard SQL and Transact-SQL.