Customer Behavior Analysis in SQL

Learn how to do customer behavior analysis in SQL and analyze the customer lifecycle.

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Today, everything revolves around a funnel. This magical term has taken over the world of sales and marketing. Everyone wants to know how customers behave and to trace the path they take to finally making a purchase. Learn how to analyze your clients' behavior using SQL queries. In this interactive online course, you will learn how to report acquisition, conversion, and sales using standard SQL.

Are you an analyst, data scientist, IT student, or business developer? Or just know that SQL can help you achieve more? Then this course is for you. The prerequisite is understanding the basics of SQL, such as how to JOIN tables and use WHERE, GROUP BY, ORDER BY and HAVING clauses (we introduce these elements in our SQL Basics course.)

We all know that customers are essential for every business. This simple fact is why companies usually put a lot of effort into understanding customer behavior. Thanks to this course, you will be able to overtake your competition and make better decisions regarding your product or service based on SQL analysis.

Throughout the online course, we'll be working on an imaginary dataset of an online supermarket that sells groceries and other everyday products. You'll learn how to analyze customer behavior and the entire customer lifecycle, from acquisition, conversion, and sales up to customer churn.

In this course, you'll learn:

  • How to find out registration rates in a given period of time in SQL and how to compare registration rates between periods of time.
  • What is conversion, how to compute conversion rates in SQL for a given period of time, and how to compare conversion rates between periods of time.
  • What a customer cohort is and how to analyze customer behavior in cohorts in SQL.
  • How to analyze customer activity in SQL, including computing average time to first order and average time between orders.
  • How to create custom customer classifications in SQL using CASE WHEN.
  • How to prepare customer conversion charts in SQL.
  • How to generate customer churn reports in SQL.

In the Customer Behavior Analysis in SQL course, we teach the syntax of standard SQL. The queries you will learn in this course will work with all relational databases, like Oracle, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, or MySQL.

Through 75 exercises, you'll learn how to write universal queries and reports in SQL. Moreover, you'll find out how to apply your SQL skills and analysis of customer behavior to other business models, not just e-stores. Therefore, if you are seeking more practical SQL knowledge than theoretical, this online course is perfect for you!

The knowledge we present in our online course is applicable to a wide range of industries—from grocery stores to insurance companies. You'll be able to analyze customer behavior in a wide variety of scenarios. Click the "Start for free" button and see for yourself!

What's in it for me?

  • 75 interactive exercises. Learn at your own pace, from any location and at any time. Work through hands-on exercises to help you retain what you have learned so far.
  • Certificate of completion. After you successfully finish all of the exercises in the online course, you'll receive a downloadable PDF certificate to showcase your accomplishment. You will be able to add it to your LinkedIn profile.
  • Exercise hints. You can take advantage of ready-made hints for every exercise, or ask questions and share insights with other members of the community through the Discuss tab. You can also drop us a line, and we'll be more than happy to answer!

What Do You Need to Take This Course?

Learn How To:

  • Examine customer acquisition.
  • Determine customer conversion.
  • Perform an analysis of customer behavior during the sales process.
  • Verify customer churn and retention.
  • Create SQL reports related to customer behavior.

Who Should Take This Course?

  • Analysts who know basic SQL and want to use it for reporting.
  • Business developers who wish to work with SQL.
  • Professionals working in sales and marketing.
  • Beginner data scientists.
  • Anyone who knows SQL in theory and wants to use it in practice.
  • Anyone who wants to perform an analysis of customer behavior.

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Customer Registration

Get to know the data model and discover how to analyze customer registration.



Customer registration

Customer cohorts



Conversion Rates

Find out how to analyze customer conversion data and create conversion reports.



Conversion rates

Time to first order

Conversion charts



Customer Activity

Define "good customers" and learn ways to identify them.



Customer activity

Finding good customers



Customer Churn

Find out how you can analyze customer churn.



Churned customers

Customer retention charts



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