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New Monthly Challenge for September 2020!

The new Monthly Challenge is ready! In September, we invite you to test your SQL skills to discover things about American movies, directors, and actors.

Is this the first time you’ve come across our Monthly Challenge? delivers one Challenge per month, each a set of 5 to 10 SQL exercises prepared for those who want to practice their SQL skills. You won’t need more than an hour to solve these tasks.

The Monthly Challenge lets you try your SQL skills in a different type of business or hobby each month. Each Challenge is designed around a specific theme; you work on topics like pizza, stars and astronomy, or managing an insurance agency, an auto repair shop, or even a bakery. The theme for September is American movies.

In our September 2020 SQL Challenge, you’ll meet Dylan and Alex. Dylan is a young American actor, who as a new actor finds a chance for a curious role in a movie. Alex, his friend, searches for information about actors in his movie database. What does Dylan know about movies? What data does he need? In what types of movies do the highest-star actors play? You can help this young actor get his career started while testing your SQL skills in the September Challenge.

Does this sound interesting? If you have finished our SQL Basics course, it shouldn’t be too hard. So, don’t worry, and remember to use the hints!

Have fun!