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Is Learning PostgreSQL in 2022 Worthwhile?

You want to take a SQL course, but selecting the right one can be too challenging. Perhaps you don't know which dialect you should start with? PostgreSQL is one of the best options. Check out if it is worth it to learn PostgreSQL in 2022.

When you search the web, there are many job advertisements for database specialists. Perhaps that is why you have chosen the direction toward development. Or maybe you are just fed up with Excel in your day-to-day duties (which is not surprising) and want to make work easier. Whatever influenced your decision, taking SQL courses is a wise choice.

As a beginner, you may find yourself faced with information about a multitude of database management systems (DBMSs). This makes learning SQL seem much more complicated than it really is. How do you choose which one to learn?

Start with PostgreSQL. Why? I’ll try to explain it to you as best as possible. For now, let me just tell you it's best to start with the SQL Basics in PostgreSQL course.

Why Is Taking SQL Courses Your Best Decision?

The more you stay on the Internet, the more data you share with organizations. You do it by shopping online, browsing the products you like, being active on social media profiles of your favorite brands, or even commenting on YouTube videos.

Every company, regardless of the number of employees or location, collects data about its customers. Of course, this isn’t to stalk you but to make sure you are happier with what they offer. Trust me, I’m a marketer.

Is Learning PostgreSQL in 2022 Worthwhile?


The more data a company has about your personal preferences, online behavior, shopping preferences, needs, or anticipated expectations, the more it earns. And the overarching goal of any business is getting rich, right?

The largest companies in the world use PostgreSQL. So, the answer to the question of whether it’s a good idea to learn SQL is quite obvious. It's a brilliant idea.

More and more data is generated on the Internet, and more and more skills are needed to work with it. Employers know it, and you know it, too. There’s nothing else to do but choose the best possible online SQL course.

What Makes PostgreSQL ??HOT?

Is PostgreSQL still sexy? Of course! It’s one of the most popular relational database management systems (RDBMSs) in the world. Millions of users appreciate its comprehensive nature, extensive structure, and enormous possibilities. And it's open-source. It’s constantly being developed. All of these reasons make it so attractive for everyone.

If you’re going to take a course on SQL for beginners, choose PostgreSQL, one of the most polished and popular SQL dialects. The history of PostgreSQL is very interesting and quite long.

According to the DB Engines ranking, PostgreSQL ranks 4th out of 351 recorded systems in terms of popularity. If you are curious which other DBMSs are popular, click HERE. I bet you won’t find a better statement!

The most frequently mentioned advantages of PostgreSQL over other RDBMSs are listed below:

Is it worth it to learn SQL? Today, data is simply essential for the world to function. PostgreSQL is the perfect introduction to everything about working with data.

Learning SQL Is Your Career Booster

The door to the world of databases may be opened at any moment. This is how you can stand in front of it; in fact, you’d be only one step away from improving your career. The key is to choose a good SQL course to get you started. A little hint: it is the one crowned the DBMS of the year 2020. 2020 was not that long ago.

Before you open the door, let’s learn what's behind it. These are, above all, endless professional opportunities. If you learn SQL, you won't have to worry about being hired anymore. You’ll find thousands of advertisements for database jobs in the United States and around the world. Of course, I’m talking about jobs for juniors and beginners.

As you learn SQL, new career paths open up for you. You can work as a business analyst, data scientist, system administrator, or financial analyst. SQL is also useful in sales, marketing, and HR departments. The possibilities are endless.

Just take a look at some sample job posts to see learning SQL is worthwhile in 2022.

Is Learning PostgreSQL in 2022 Worthwhile?

What does it take to be a Percona Super Hero?

  • Good hands-on knowledge of PostgreSQL, PostgreSQL Provided tools and Contribution modules
  • Be skilled with some of the PostgreSQL ecosystems of tools and technologies for Backups, Database Maintenance
  • Knowledgeable about performance tuning, query optimization, & index tuning
  • Know-how of backup solutions and basic understanding of how backup works in PostgreSQL and tools such as pg base backup, pgBackRest and WAL-G, etc, and also the Point-in-Time-Recovery
  • Some experience with High Availability solutions (manually managing Physical Standby and switchover/failover, Patroni, repmgr, etc)
  • Exposure and practice with zero-downtime procedures (index rebuilds, partition maintenance and upgrades)
  • Good understanding of monitoring requirements
  • Demonstrable experience of administering Linux based systems ability to troubleshoot methodically, identifying and applying fixes for known errors, and when necessary, capacity to think outside of the box to resolve complex issues
  • Be self-taught and enthused to grow your skillset with new technologies as the industry continues to evolve
  • Availability to travel for the occasional team meeting, conference or customer visit
  • Experience working with customers in English

Indeed: PostgreSQL Engineer

The high estimated earnings are one of its many perks. The biggest advantage is you can build a really good career by learning even just PostgreSQL. A little hard work and ambition can lead you to the top and enable you to develop steadily. And as a result, you build a better life!

You can learn SQL comfortably, anywhere you want. Learning SQL by doing is the most effective, so we have prepared a guide for you on how to practice PostgreSQL online. If you are interested in SQL for beginners, you’ll find something special in our offerings. And if you want to learn more advanced PostgreSQL, be sure to read the tips from Tihomir!

A person who can conjure up databases with PostgreSQL finds work in many sectors. If you’d rather not change the place of your employment, you don’t have to. I’m convinced SQL can get you a promotion or a raise!

Do You Own a Business? PostgreSQL Is Your Data Buddy

Running a business is not easy. I can imagine. However, I know your company, even if it isn't in the IT sector, collects various types of data.

It has a specific purpose. Information is the new gold, and it’s data that gives you multidimensional knowledge about your clients.

To accelerate profiting from data your business collects, consider whether you’re storing it correctly. From my experience, many companies, especially the smallest and the least experienced, rely on spreadsheets. I think you can agree this becomes a real ordeal with large datasets.

SQL is the answer to business needs in data management. It's a dazzling solution to your everyday problems with chaotic and hard-to-control data. And while it may seem revolutionary, you don't have to introduce an RDBMS overnight. Implementing a new system for working with data doesn’t have to cost you a cent. Check out how much you can gain!

Once you start generating profits from data, you'll want to scale it up. Hiring new employees who need to be trained in SQL doesn't have to be as terrible as it sounds. Interactive SQL courses during the onboarding process allow you to control the pace at which your new employees learn SQL. It also results in big savings because you no longer have to involve instructors or rent conference rooms for SQL classes that last for months.

You should also think about learning SQL yourself. Maybe knowing PostgreSQL yourself is sufficient. And if not, you can even train new employees yourself!

Start Learning PostgreSQL Right Away

When you want to start learning SQL, it’s important to choose your perfect learning resource. If you want to learn PostgreSQL on your own, discover new secrets every day, and get to know SQL inside and out, you can install PostgreSQL on your computer in less than 5 minutes.

A huge library of PostgreSQL documentation, our tutorials, teaching aids, and articles certainly make it easier for you to learn on your own. In one of my articles, I describe some great ways to learn SQL faster. Use it as much as you want!

And if you like to have everything in one place and want to learn SQL comfortably, be sure to check out You find something for yourself there for sure.

If you just want to learn SQL for beginners, take a look at the SQL Basics in PostgreSQL course. You learn how to apply SQL in simple, everyday tasks.

After completing this SQL course, you can extend your knowledge with a course on Creating Basic SQL Reports. Don't confuse the order. Before you learn to create reports, learn the basics first!

If you’re hungry for knowledge and want to learn everything, we have prepared a comprehensive SQL from A to Z in PostgreSQL track for you. Here, you learn everything from scratch about this perfect RDBMS. Without the need to look elsewhere.

If you've never had any coding experience, we help you learn it from SQL for beginners to the most advanced queries. And if this extensive track is not enough for you, I recommend SQL Practice in PostgreSQL. Repeating what you learn in our SQL courses is no longer a problem.

Are you ready to conquer the world of databases? You already have the key. Just open the door!