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Are you thinking about SQL training for your employees? See how much you have to gain by choosing and how we can help you grow your business.

We live in a time when the ability to process data is crucial. Data is a key resource, the use of which can give you an edge in the market. We know from our experience organizations that have mastered the use of data have benefited the most from it.

Until now, data analysis and drawing insights from it had been reserved only for a narrow group of highly qualified IT specialists. Managers had to wait for the reports from the analysts to base their business decisions on data.

The situation is changing rapidly, thanks to data democratization. It has become important that all members of the organization, regardless of the area to which they belong, have access to data and use it in their day-to-day work.

We call it self-service analytics, which allows non-technical users, e.g., marketers, product managers, and operation department members, to work independently.

This makes it faster, cheaper, and more efficient.

Learn SQL bussiness image 1 helps organizations around the world make the best use of their data by delivering interactive online courses. We are here to help you develop and achieve your goals!


How Can Users Learn to Get Meaningful Insights and Start Making Business Decisions Based on Data?

Do you want to equip your employees with SQL skills? Are you looking for the best tool for it? Have you tried conference-room classes, live webinars, and how-to guides? You need something better.

One of the biggest challenges for managers is creating a uniform and easy-to-repeat employee learning process, while guaranteeing the appropriate level of knowledge, relevance to their work, and the opportunity to practice. When it comes to SQL, we can help.


Traditional Learning Is Not Enough

The traditional approach with lectures and presentations has proven to be ineffective. SQL training has become an often-essential part of onboarding.

The scalability of the training process is also a challenge. As an organization grows, there are more and more employees who should understand SQL, so learning needs to be as simple as possible and available even to those without any IT experience.

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For most customers, our standard SQL courses meet their needs perfectly. Others have needed to go a step further with more tailored solutions – SQL courses based on their own corporate data structures. They need users not only to learn how to write queries but also to become familiar with the internal data ecosystem.


The Best SQL Courses Out There

We offer the e-learning platform. It currently includes nearly 40 interactive SQL courses and is available 24/7 regardless of the time zone. Users start with SQL Basics and delve further into the world of relational databases as needed.

With our online console, they can learn the theory and test it in practice right away. They solve exercises based on real-life scenarios, write queries, and see their results immediately.

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Organizations that have chosen to customize SQL courses with us claim their onboarding process has become much simpler. The centrally coordinated business panel and the course exercises with real data sets based on the prospective tasks of the employees hit the bull's eye.

This means the end of the traditional classroom training. Now, users access interactive courses immediately, and managers can ensure their teams are equipped with up-to-date skills at the right level.

Teaching SQL using everyday problems and real-life examples has improved user engagement, translating into better user retention and more effective training.


The SQL Basics Is Just a First Step

Our clients have been very satisfied with the results of our collaboration. Implementing and adapting the platform to their needs have gone smoothly and without major issues.

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The feedback we get from satisfied managers confirms the quality of our SQL courses. They note the hands-on experience, the ease of using the platform, and the simplicity of adding new users. We provide technical and substantive support.

We are glad the employees of these organizations are able to use SQL, write queries, and use databases to work more efficiently. We are happy to see the growth of the organizations that have recognized the power of data and that have been able to take advantage of it.

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