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How to Improve New Employee Onboarding with SQL Courses

Are you looking for something to improve the onboarding process of new employees at your company? If they will be working with databases and SQL, and if you need resources for them to learn quickly, choose interactive SQL online courses.

You’ve just hired some new employees. Great! After a long recruitment process, you have finally managed to find people who can do the job and meet your expectations. You may have even used our advice on why it makes sense to Practice SQL Before Interviewing a Potential Employee. But there is still a long way to go before they go to work. This is where the new employee onboarding process begins.

If that includes learning SQL, I will show you why you should opt for an interactive SQL online course. Let me just say that it is faster, cheaper, and easier. Why? Read on!

What Is Employee Onboarding?

Generally speaking, it is the process of introducing a new person to the team and adapting him or her to the corporate ecosystem. It is very important that it runs smoothly and effectively.

From the employer's point of view, it is best for the new employees to start working immediately to generate revenue. Time is money. However, this never happens. In most cases, you have to explain to them all the procedures and the day-to-day operations of the company. Also, during onboarding, new employees often acquire additional skills needed for the job.

Looking at it from the employee's point of view, it is a stressful stage. You join a new team, you meet new people, and you need to prove you’re useful as soon as possible.

As a new employee, you realize this is the first real encounter with the "inside" of the company. What does it mean? How the onboarding process goes says a lot about the company. If it is chaotic and poorly organized, the employee may get discouraged or even quit in some cases.

Interactive sql online courses

An employee-friendly onboarding process will ensure that, even after the employee leaves, he or she will remember your business well and be a natural ambassador of your brand.

Learning SQL During the Onboarding Process

If you run a data-driven business, you know how important it is for your employees to be able to use data. After all, you don't collect them just to do nothing with them later. Data is the new gold, so it is important that the new employee take advantage of the power of data as soon as possible.

It's easy to say, but harder to do. After all, learning SQL is a bit more than a short instruction manual for an office copier. A well-chosen source of knowledge about SQL and following the best practices in teaching the language of relational databases are the key to success.

Depending on how big your business is, you can choose different solutions. If it is a startup employing a dozen or so people, you will be able to handle the situation yourself. If your company is larger, you need help – either hire external SQL trainers or give people the opportunity to look for training themselves. The first option will be expensive and difficult to organize. The second is a recipe for failure.

If you let people learn for themselves from their own resources, most of them will end up watching tutorials on YouTube. While there are some really great ones, it's not a very good method. You have no control over the level of knowledge or the pace of the learning process.

My personal experience has led me to say quite emphatically that the best way to learn SQL as part of the onboarding process is to use interactive SQL courses online. Below, you will find some reasonable confirmations of my thesis.

SQL Course for Improving New Employee Onboarding

Here is my breakdown of the benefits of interactive SQL courses for employees to help your onboarding process go smoothly. I am writing this article in the age of the pandemic that has changed the face of the modern labor market. There are many new challenges, but some changes have happened much faster than others.

These are the main reasons why you should choose online SQL courses for employees at your company.

1.   No More Conference Rooms and Flipcharts

I don't know about you, but I've had many training sessions in the past. I’ve also had the opportunity to organize them for several employers and it was always... let's say, painful.

The challenge begins with physically gathering everyone in one place. If it's more than 3 people, this becomes a problem. Someone has something important that day, another is sick, and someone else is just out. It is often impossible to harmonize all calendars.

When you do manage to set a date, then there is the problem of the conference room availability. It must be large enough, but not huge, so that it does not overwhelm the trainer and so that the employees do not feel lost. If you do not have an adequate room in your company building, you have to rent it somewhere, and this is a considerable cost.

Interactive sql online courses

Certainly, not everyone will be on time. Lots of people will be late and disrupt the beginning of the training session by entering while an important topic is being discussed. Others will pretend to be listening, but in reality, they will be playing with their smartphone or napping.

COVID-19 restrictions are still in place in many countries, which imposes restrictions on the number of people per training session. This drags out the teaching process for days and sometimes even weeks.

It is an outdated solution that was never effective. Now, with all the technical possibilities and interactive online courses, it is simply wrong.

2.   Faster, Cheaper, Better!

It is quite simple. Hiring trainers and conference rooms is expensive. Buying an SQL course online is a much better solution. Just see how much it costs. If you want to buy a course for your employees, drop us a line at

As you read in the previous section, organizing online training is much simpler than organizing traditional classroom training. Moreover, it looks the same whether you train 5 or 200 employees. Interactive SQL online courses simply scale easily.

With, we do most of the work for you. We give you great SQL training, a platform to support the learning process, and full support.

But you don't have to take my word for it. See how we helped UBER. A global giant has trusted us and has been training its employees for a long time using our SQL courses. This is just one of our many customers who, when looking for a suitable solution, have chosen our products.

3.   Everyone Gets Up-to-Date SQL Knowledge

The SQL courses at are interactive. What does that mean exactly? First of all, they allow you to learn SQL and immediately test the acquired knowledge in practice.

Your employees will learn SQL by solving tasks based on real business scenarios. They will write queries in our console, immediately check the results, and learn to correct any errors.

You don't have to involve the IT department in installing additional software and setting up databases on the employees' computers. Just imagine the few dozen laptops that would have to be turned in for the setup, and the new hires will not be able to work during this time. Costs, costs, and again costs that do not exist in the online course option.

If you learn SQL, then you want to make sure it is from the best source. Our experts will ensure your employees receive the necessary and always up-to-date knowledge. Do you use PostgreSQL or MS SQL Server at your company? No problem! We got you covered.

Interactive sql online courses

Do you want to go one step further? What would you say about an interactive SQL online course based on data collected at your company? The employees in the onboarding process will learn SQL and at the same time learn to write queries against your actual databases. This significantly shortens the onboarding process. We call it tailor-made SQL training.

4.   More Control Over the SQL Learning Progress

Thanks to the interactive SQL online courses and our business platform, you will have full control over the learning progress of your employees. You can see who has done the exercises and who is lagging behind. You can see what they have problems with.

Each employee can learn at his or her own pace. They don't have to do it all at the same time. It gives a chance to those who are less familiar with IT and need more time, while allowing new employees to join at any time. And everything happens intuitively and quickly.

Moreover, if you want to change something in the course or add additional training, you can be confident everyone will learn from the updated online courses. Controlling the SQL standard is important especially for large corporations operating in different markets. Now, an employee trained in Singapore can start working with SQL the next day at the company's headquarters in London or New York and know what to do.

5.   It’s a Part of the Employer Branding

In today’s world, it is not enough just to hire a person and give him or her a desk to work. Companies must compete with each other for good specialists and experts. This is why employer branding is crucial.

One of its elements is a well-designed and effective onboarding process. Even if the employee were to work for you for only a few months, he or she will surely remember the great SQL course you offered. Words will spread, and your company will gain the reputation for being cutting-edge and progressive. These things will attract more and better people to help grow your business.

It's a win-win! Provide your team members with great online SQL training. It just pays off.

Choose Interactive SQL Online Courses for Your Employees

Now you know why you should choose interactive SQL online courses and how they improve the new employee onboarding process. It's pure profit. This method is faster, more effective, and much easier to scale.

If you're still wondering whether you should introduce SQL at your company and teach it to your employees, see which major companies use SQL. Still using Excel to handle your data? Read on why you should start using SQL.

Do you want to introduce SQL courses for employees at your company? Book your free tour of our platform here or drop us a line at

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