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The All Forever package gives you lifetime access to all courses and tracks in all SQL dialects available on the platform. But it doesn’t end there. You also get access to all courses we release in the future.

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Type this piece of SQL code into the code editor on the right to discover the average user rating of "SQL from A to Z", our most popular track. The maximal possible rating is 5.00.

      name as track_name,
      count(rating) as total_number_of_ratings,
      avg(rating) as average_rating
      track_id = 'sql-az'
group by

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It doesn't matter if you're a SQL rookie or a PRO. You'll find the right learning path for you, whether you’re starting from scratch, wanting to discover the nuances of various types of JOINS, or you’re ready to unleash the power of window functions, CTEs, or subqueries. With the All Forever package, you can do it all, at your own pace.

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Over 96% of users would recommend our SQL courses to their colleagues

  • This SQL training has been especially useful given the recent COVID-19 pandemic and the massive increase in data requests. We feel much more capable of utilizing our existing resources and providing timely and reliable data for New Mexico.

    Katie Cruz

    The Public Health Division New Mexico Department of Health

  • I have seen students with no SQL experience thrive on If you’re looking for a real-life experience on a remote platform, whether it’s for students or employees, is the way to go.

    Michael Petrone

    Computer Science Teacher, Geary Public Schools

  • I just finished the SQL Basic course and I look forward to further developing my SQL skills by taking other LearnSQL courses. This platform is awesome! I am fully satisfied with the learning experience.

    Huyen Nguyen

    Cal Poly Pomona, California

  • The courses are well-designed to meet specific learning goals, from easy to advanced. I love all the hands-on exercises has to offer. The best way to learn is to practice writing SQL queries. Definitely give it a try.

    Mengxuan Zhu

    Rice University, Texas

  • I am planning a career as a Data Analyst. SQL is one of the important skills I need to make my dream come true. It's been a difficult year for me, especially since I became independent and my expenses doubled. However, I believe that with the right attitude and a little help, I can achieve anything. The SQL scholarship gave me the opportunity to develop.


    Cúcuta, Colombia

Why you should master SQL

SQL is the most popular and commonly used database language of our time. It is used in small businesses, start-ups, and big corporations. This is not just in the tech industry. It's used everywhere: in marketing, finance, small online businesses, and many other areas.

SQL is one of the fundamental skills to have in data-driven decision making.

Every organization that has data and wants to improve its performance needs someone who can analyze that data and draw conclusions. Sure, you can use a good old Excel file, but it may only be suitable for small datasets.

SQL comes in handy when preparing reports, obtaining statistics, and performing calculations. With SQL, you can compare data and find relationships you may otherwise overlook. It improves everyone's work in the office.

SQL is one of the most sought-after job skills on the market.

If you want to change your job, proficiency in SQL is a big asset on your resume. If you want to advance in your current role, a new skill helps you grow. If your organization is not yet using SQL, you can convince your boss that the whole organization would benefit from SQL training.

SQL is easy to learn with us.

Moreover, SQL is not difficult to learn. It is a declarative language - you write queries and set conditions. You learn functions and their syntax. You don't need to know exactly what happens after typing the query - you just tell the database what you want, and it gets you what you need.

If you’re still questioning whether SQL is right for you, give it a try in an online course that starts from the very beginning. See how easy it is and you’ll change your mind.

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With us, you get more than just SQL courses

Your success is our priority. Start learning SQL with us and you won't be disappointed.

You have our guarantee that you’ll gain the know-how and practical experience to solve SQL problems in your work or project.
You get our friendly support during the whole learning process. We won't leave you all alone.
You get an SQL certificate every time you complete a course. Use this trusted resource to prove your competency.
You get access to over 150 ready-to-use SQL cookbook recipes.
You get professionally designed, printable SQL cheat sheets you can keep on your desk.
You get access to specially curated monthly SQL challenges to keep your SQL skill razor-sharp. is your one-stop shop solution for becoming a SQL professional

You can try to learn SQL from YouTube or from SQL books. In fact, we even recommend some of them as additional learning resources. But an online SQL course is a much better choice. YouTube SQL Books
Essential SQL skills Yes Yes Yes
Advanced SQL skills Yes No Yes
Proven source of knowledge Yes No Yes
Hands-on learning experience Yes No No
Trusted certificates Yes No No
Learning at your own pace Yes Yes Yes
Real-world problem solving Yes No No
No need to install a database or prepare training datasets Yes No No
Various SQL dialects in one place Yes No No
Friendly support Yes No No
Well-defined learning paths Yes No No
Additional learning resources Yes No No

All our SQL courses are interactive. Each consists of instructions to read, a task, and tips to help you solve the problem. You don’t need to install or set anything up on your computer - you write your SQL code directly in your favorite browser. runs your solution, checks it, and gives you instant feedback. According to our users, this is the most effective way of learning SQL. We happen to agree.

We designed our platform to provide you with the most positive user experience. We focus on simplicity and usability.
No fluff, just the things you need!

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