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Lesser-Known SQL YouTube Channels You Need to Follow Now!

Are you learning SQL? Many beginners start with YouTube tutorials. However, popular SQL clips are not always very helpful. You need to know which ones to watch so that you don't waste your time. In this article, I discuss SQL YouTube channels that, while not the most popular, deserve your attention. Click "subscribe" and watch!

Those who follow my articles on know I'm not a huge fan of learning SQL from YouTube. It is possible, but online courses are much more effective, mainly because you write queries right away and practice your new skills.

If you need to decide how to learn SQL, I recommend the SQL Basics course. You start by learning the complete basics, moving on to more complex topics. It is the perfect SQL course for beginners. I myself started my adventure in databases with this particular interactive SQL course. You can read my story in this article.

It is more difficult to learn from YouTube than from an online SQL course, but that doesn't mean I categorically advise against it. Video tutorials are a great learning supplement; I often watch them myself. I also like SQL lectures. Check out the ones I especially recommend.

But let's get back to the topic. In this article, I list some interesting SQL YouTube channels for you to follow. They are simply great experts who make great SQL-related content.

I have chosen channels and SQL tutorials that are less known and less obvious to give you a chance to discover them as I did. There are gems among the SQL clips that don't get millions of views.

SQL YouTube Channels Worth a Follow

1.   techTFQ

I liked this channel from the very first clip. I've been following him for a long time. I must confess – I just like this guy! The channel is run by Thoufiq, who speaks clearly, doesn't elaborate unnecessarily, is honest, and smiles often. His content has not disappointed me so far.

On techTFQ, you find several types of clips:

  • SQL tutorials
  • The practice of writing SQL queries
  • Data analysis
  • Python tutorials
  • Git and GitHub
  • Gadget reviews

At the time of this article, techTFQ has over 90,000 subscribers with a growing audience.

Some time ago, we asked Thoufiq to review our courses on He has done several SQL courses and shared his impressions with the audience. Here is his review:

Thoufiq was also one of our first affiliates. If you create good content and want to become an affiliate, you may be interested in more information about our SQL Affiliate program on the dedicated page.


This is another example of a great personality and a great way to impart knowledge. Adam is an expert in data analysis, data visualization, and business intelligence tools, and it shows. He knows what he's talking about.

The channel (formerly known as Vitamin BI) is a set of great tutorials on everything a data user needs. You find clips on SQL, BI tools, Google tools, Excel, and interesting case studies. Very valuable content!

I have to be honest – I finally learned to get the most out of Google Data Studio thanks to these clips. The channel currently has around 37,000 subscribers, and the audience is constantly growing. It's worth a follow so you don't miss out on more great videos.

In addition to the channel, Adam runs an awesome blog on BI for beginners. Check it out!

3.   The Work-Life Man

This is a slightly different channel. It has been around for almost 2 years and has already gained quite a lot of popularity. It has approximately 30,000 subscribers at the time of this article. People visiting this channel are mostly looking for tips covering career, lifestyle, and skills development.

There is a review of our platform from some time ago. The author describes his impressions, not sparing us a bit of criticism. See for yourself what he says about our SQL courses:

4.   Candidly Vivian

Get ready for a completely different experience. Candidly Vivian is a channel about data science, working in IT, and also ... lifestyle!

In addition to tips and tricks for current and aspiring data scientists and engineers, you also find snapshots of the author who works in the industry herself. It's a kind of data science diary, from getting out of bed and brushing your teeth, to database projects and modeling, to evening relaxation and summaries. Some clips are downright hypnotic. It is a view into a real day in the life of a data scientist, which is often difficult to observe up close.

One of her passions, apart from data, is music. You find clips in which she plays the piano. But what got my attention – she covers famous melodies by whistling! I had not seen anything like this.

This channel is relatively new and has just over 2,000 subscribers. It is worth a follow especially if you are planning a career in data science.

5. Learn at Knowstar

If you prefer a practical, straight-to-the-point approach, consider subscribing to Learn at Knowstar. If you are an SQL beginner, I suggest starting with their SQL for Beginners Tutorial.

This channel is also great for those who already use SQL in their daily jobs. Here, you will find 100+ tutorials that teach you to tackle business problems, one at a time, using SQL. Check out their SQL Query Interview Questions playlist! There you will find practical tutorials like:

6.   We Learn SQL

Last on my list is our We Learn SQL channel. If you read our blog, you have likely come across it already. If not, catch up on it as soon as possible, subscribe to our SQL YouTube channel, comment on clips, and learn from our tutorials.

So far, we have published 17 guides on a variety of SQL topics from the very basics to more advanced topics. Here is the current complete list:

We have made our video tutorials to complement our online SQL courses. If you are new to relational databases, start with the SQL Basics course.

The course starts with simple queries performed on a single table. The exercises show you how to retrieve exactly what you need. Next, you work with multiple tables using various join methods, including INNER JOIN, LEFT JOIN, RIGHT JOIN, and OUTER JOIN.

As you go deeper into the course, you master using GROUP BY to create simple reports. You also learn about subqueries. Finally, after passing a short test of acquired skills, you receive an SQL certificate to show off on social media and include on your resume.

Give These SQL YouTube Channels a Follow!

You now know some SQL YouTube channels to try. These channels are worth a follow even yet without great viewership.

Know other interesting YouTube channels on SQL, databases, data science, or a career in IT? If so, please share them with others in a comment.

Of course, the above list is just the tip of the iceberg. Some time ago, I wrote "The Best SQL Lectures on YouTube" and "YouTube Tutorials That Actually Teach You Some SQL." Both articles are still up to date and worthy of attention.

Now, all that's left for you to do is to learn SQL with our online courses and watch SQL tutorials on YouTube!