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SQL Track of the Season: SQL Reporting in MS SQL Server

It's the best time of the year for a change! Learn something new and boost your career! This is our SQL Track of the Season: SQL Reporting in MS SQL Server! In this article, we’ll answer common questions about this track.

Summer is here. Does the sun make you want to learn something new? Maybe surfing or Portuguese? Maybe you've wanted to learn crocheting all your life? Follow your dreams!

What if I said you can learn something that will not only help you develop professionally but give your company a real advantage over its competitors by giving you access to data-driven insights? Yes, it is possible. I do not mean magic or secret marketing tricks, but a tool used by experts around the world.

The tool is SQL reporting. This season, we recommend you learn to do it on the great MS SQL Server. Why? Because it is one of the most popular DBMS in the world!

An SQL Track? What Is That? is the best place to learn SQL. Contrary to most e-learning platforms offering courses in various fields, we focus on our passion and what we do best. So, if you want to enter the world of databases and do it efficiently and quickly, you've come to the right place.

If you browse through the offerings, you find you can do each SQL course separately. It is perfect for quick assimilation of knowledge on a given topic. Maybe you want to develop SQL GROUP BY skills, or maybe you are just looking for a place to practice SQL. Single courses are suitable for this.

However, if you are serious about learning SQL, you should choose our SQL tracks. These are sets of well-structured SQL courses that will give you a complete learning experience. You save time, because you don't have to look for the next course or think about the next steps. Our experts have made sure you will receive a learning path ideally suited to your needs.

You can choose from many SQL tracks. Would you like to become a data analyst? Or maybe you envision being a data engineer? Don't limit yourself to just Standard SQL. If your company uses a specific SQL dialect, we have something for you also. You can learn MS SQL Server or PostgreSQL. Pretty good, right?

Observing the market, employers' needs, and the preferences of our users, we choose an SQL Track from time to time, which becomes our Track of the Season.

Our previous Tracks of the Season have included:

  • SQL Fundamentals in PostgreSQL. A great first step in PostgreSQL, for complete SQL beginners with no previous knowledge of SQL or databases. You can find more about it here.
  • Creating Database Structure. This is a brilliant set of courses for anyone who wants to be able to process large amounts of data quickly and efficiently. Interested? Read about it here.
  • SQL from A to Z. This is our flagship SQL track and our most frequently selected set of courses. It's a complete hands-on experience that will make you an advanced database user, even if you haven't dealt with IT before. Learn more about it in this article.

Each of our SQL courses is crafted with love. Would you like to know more about how we do it? My friend Agnieszka describes the process of working on interactive SQL courses on in her article Behind the Scenes at

Why Should You Learn SQL Reporting in MS SQL Server?

First, I will answer why MS SQL Server. This is a brilliant solution created by Microsoft. It has been on the market for over 30 years, and it is not going anywhere. During this time, the software has been constantly refined and improved, which makes its Version 15 one of the best database solutions in the world.

SQL Reporting in MS SQL Server

Are you interested in how MS SQL Server was created and how it has evolved over the years? Read Karolina's article, A Brief History of MS SQL Server. You can also check out my article Is MS SQL Server Still Worth Learning in 2021? I think you will no longer have any doubts once you read them.

What is SQL Reporting? It is the ability to analyze, filter, and compare data, from which you can draw insights and conclusions that will help you run and grow your business.

Your company definitely collects various data. Using the data, you can create reports that become the first steps for setting new goals, making strategic decisions, or assessing risk. The one who knows more than the competition gets more customers!

Using SQL for data analysis just pays off. Make your business data-driven as well and see how your revenue starts to grow. Which, by the way, you can also track using SQL!

What’s in the SQL Reporting in MS SQL Server Track?

This SQL Track consists of three interactive SQL courses. It includes a total of 229 exercises for you to master all the necessary topics related to SQL Reporting in MS SQL Server.

The three SQL courses in this track are:

With these SQL courses, you will master building complex SQL reports. You will be fluent in using the GROUP BY function and the CASE WHEN function in your queries. You will learn how to combine these instructions to prepare statistics, calculate multilevel aggregates, and generate custom reports.

You will know how to do trend analysis with SQL. If you want to create reports for specific periods of time or revenue history, this track is worth your time. You will also learn how to analyze the customer lifecycle. It will help you choose the acquisition mechanisms that generate sales and profit more effectively. During the course, topics such as conversion and churn are covered. Do you know what these terms mean? Now you can use SQL to track them.

Most importantly, all exercises are based on real problems and scenarios. These are not abstract exercises, but a practical application of SQL that you can use immediately in your projects.

These skills are useful in any industry. Give yourself a chance to take your business to the next level. Want to learn more about SQL Reporting? Read Introduction to Reporting with SQL - the Ultimate Tutorial for Business Professionals.

We estimate that it should take you around 30 hours to complete all tasks in this SQL Track. Of course, don't even try to do everything at once. Spread your learning over time, and learn and practice with our interactive online console. You will write real SQL queries and be able to see their results immediately. For some helpful tips on effective learning, see 5 Reasons You Might Fail to Learn SQL.

Who Should Take This Track?

We created this SQL Track for people who will use the power of SQL on a daily basis to create complex reports and data summaries.

But even if you are not a data analyst, if you are an entrepreneur and run your own company, or if you are a team leader in a corporation and want to operate more efficiently and achieve business goals, this SQL track is for you.

As a business owner, you would definitely need to analyze customer behavior and revenue trends effectively. Find out how to do it right!

SQL Reporting in MS SQL Server

Ready to Get Started With MS SQL Server?

Now you know why you should bet on SQL Reporting in MS SQL Server this summer. It's just a smart decision that can help you change jobs or get the promotion you want.

Do not be afraid that the knowledge gained here will be useful only for MS SQL Server. Most of what you learn here, you can also use in other DBMSs such as PostgreSQL and MySQL. Slight differences in dialects can be checked in the documentation for each database.

When the time comes for your own projects, check out our guide on How to Install Microsoft SQL Server 2019 and SQL Server Management Studio.

Now, all you need to do is learn and practice MS SQL Server. Go ahead! Become a professional.