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Free Course of the Month: SQL Server Revenue Analysis

It is impossible to run a business without a good analysis of revenue trends. But how do you do it effectively? You can rely on good old Excel, but a much better idea is to use SQL and databases. Learn how to create SQL reports and track the growth of your business with MS SQL Server. Here is the course, Revenue Trend Analysis in SQL Server. It’s FREE throughout September!

Are you the owner of an online store, an accountant, or a marketer? Do you need revenue analysis for following trends and choosing the right strategies? You've come to the right place. Base your business decisions on real data. Use the great MS SQL Server tool for this. This SQL course is gonna be perfect for you!

Throughout September 2021, you can develop your analytical and reporting skills with free access to our interactive course on Revenue Trend Analysis in SQL Server!

Every month, the team selects an SQL course from our offerings and gives users access to it for free. Why? Because we want to support your development and help you achieve your goals!

What you need to do to learn revenue trend analysis without spending a dime:

  • Create a free account or log in if you already have one.
  • Start the course! That's it – from this point on, it's all up to you!

Thousands of people have already trusted us. Give yourself a chance to gain new skills that are useful in your day-to-day work. You risk nothing, and you can gain so much. Will you take up the challenge?

Free Course of The Month – Revenue Trend Analysis in SQL Server

What Is Revenue Trend Analysis and Why Use SQL For It?

Revenue trend analysis is one of the most useful management tools available. It allows you to observe how the company performs and where it is in the market at any given moment. Knowing the trends allows you to plan your next activities, adjust appropriate strategies, and make key decisions based on reports and analyses.

Why is it so important? Without proper analysis, you act in the dark. How do you know when you are doing the right thing when you cannot measure the effect? You could be spending money on things that have no real impact on how your business functions. Revenue trend analysis helps answer such questions.

Do you want to see it in practice? Here you go – check out Tihomir's great article, Business SQL: How to Calculate Revenue Growth in SQL.

OK, but why use SQL for all of this? Well, the answer is simple – it is the best way to work with databases, especially relational ones.

Your company collects a lot of data. Most people know, for example, tables in Excel or Google Sheets and reports generated with these tools. Each of these sheets can be easily converted into tables in a database, with which you can receive the results of your analyses even easier and faster.

Excel is fine for many things. But with larger data sets, it is just too slow – it struggles. You can read more about it here.

Remember, revenue trend analysis is not just for accountants. It is extremely important for other departments – for example, marketing, sales, and management, that is, for anyone who makes decisions with it.

Gain Independence With Data Analysis in SQL

When you learn MS SQL Server, you become more independent. Why? You use the data and make conclusions yourself. You no longer depend on the IT department for it.

Free Course of The Month – Revenue Trend Analysis in SQL Server

Do you remember your last email exchange with those guys? How long did you wait for the SQL report? Did it require any corrections? Were you able to explain to the IT team member what you needed for your presentation, and did he/she provide it to you? I have had bad experiences in many organizations, so I decided I had to learn it myself to use the data exactly as I want and need it.

If like me, you want to learn how to create SQL Reports, you can start by reading this. Your business can be more data-driven. Today, many entrepreneurs pay more attention to the democratization of data. It really pays off!

What You Learn in This SQL Course

This course consists of 59 great interactive exercises. By our estimates, 10 hours should be enough for you to complete them. Of course, don't try to do them all at once. Plan your learning and spread them out over time. See how to focus on learning SQL.

You will learn how to:

  • Analyze the total revenue of your company.
  • Compute the revenue generated during a given period.
  • Analyze revenue across different time periods.
  • Compare revenue over time across different categories.
  • Create a clear and concise revenue report in SQL Server.
  • Compute the year-to-date and month-to-date revenue.

In addition, by learning revenue analysis, you immediately learn more about creating SQL reports. You can use the acquired skills to develop other business metrics. You learn the rules for writing good SQL queries for analyses and summaries. There is gold in your company's databases; we show you how to mine it.

Want More SQL Reports in MS SQL Server?

Free Course of The Month – Revenue Trend Analysis in SQL Server

This course is part of a larger track called SQL Reporting in MS SQL Server. We created it primarily for people who want to learn SQL in a business context. The track has three interactive courses you can do individually or one after another. You will find here:

With these SQL courses, you will reach the next level of your MS SQL Server skill. It will be easier for you to analyze your company's metrics.

Why Choose Courses?

There are tons of different SQL courses on the market. Then, what makes ours special? First of all, they are interactive – you write real SQL queries and see their results.

We focus on practicing SQL – only in this way can you learn SQL well. Thanks to our online console, you don't need to install or set up anything on your computer. All you need is an Internet connection and your favorite browser.

So, instead of reading books or watching hours of boring SQL tutorials on YouTube, you can bet on proven learning methods – interactive SQL courses. It is important to prepare properly so that the learning process runs smoothly without disruptions.

Who Should Take This Course?

If you are a business owner or manager, or if you work in sales, finance, or marketing, this is for you. Perhaps you want to take your MS SQL Server skills to the next level and become a specialist? You've come to the right place. Our course is also useful for students preparing for exams in data analysis in SQL.

You are only a few simple steps away from drawing conclusions and tracking trends with your data. See how businesses are run today and use one of the most important solutions that help you succeed.

Importantly, when you complete the course, you receive a special personal SQL certificate. You can show it to colleagues or publish it on your LinkedIn profile. Let others see you are constantly developing and broadening your horizons.

Take “Revenue Trend Analysis in SQL Server” for Free!

Take the opportunity! Remember you can learn revenue trend analysis for FREE in September! Create an account on and start learning today. This opportunity may not be repeated for a long time – time is running out!

What's the catch? There is none. It’s an opportunity for you to learn this unique skill absolutely for free. We don't want anything in return. You risk nothing. Check it out!