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How to Publish a Course Certificate on LinkedIn

LinkedIn draws both job seekers and recruiters. Showcasing your knowledge, skills, and experience on this professional networking site can lead to great opportunities. We know this well at Have you finished one of our courses? Great! Tell your future employer about what you have learned. Here's a step-by-step how-to guide for publishing a course certificate on LinkedIn.

I will show you how easy it is to publish a course certificate on LinkedIn. My instructions will use one of our popular beginner courses, SQL Basics, as an example.

By the way, it's a great course! This is where I started my adventure with SQL, and it is probably the best place for that. Before finding this course, I tried to learn from tutorials on Youtube and courses on other platforms, but none of them gave me comprehensive knowledge about SQL basics.

SQL basics

I was extremely proud of myself when I was able to complete this course and finally get the longed-for certificate. I immediately published it not only on LinkedIn but also on Facebook and Twitter. It was nice to get congratulations and likes. Maybe you'll even get a job offer or a raise!

Okay, but how to do it? How do you download our certificate and attach it to your LinkedIn profile? It's easy. Just follow these six steps.

1. Go to Your Dashboard

To download the certificate, you must be logged in to On the main page, click on your profile—it is at the top right. A window will appear where you can click "Dashboard," "My Profile," "Payment & Billing," and “Log out.”

Important note! Make sure your first and last names are entered correctly in your profile. What you entered to create your profile will appear on the certificate. You can check and fix it in the "My Profile" tab.

Is everything okay? Then, click "Dashboard."


2. Find the Completed Course

You can manage your courses and tracks here. You can see a list of what you have completed, track your progress, rate courses, and recommend them to others. If you have not yet completed a course, you can click "Continue" to start where you left off.

Find the completed course under “My Courses.” You will see a large "Get Certificate" button. I marked it in red below. Click it.

Get certificate

A new window will appear with a blue link to your certificate. When you click it, your certificate will appear. Cool, yeah? You can print it or save it to your computer.

Get certificate

If you want to add your certificate to your LinkedIn profile, just copy the URL of your certificate and click the “Add to profile” button.

4. Go to LinkedIn

Now it's time to head over to LinkedIn. Log in and go to your profile. A form will appear.

If you have copied the certificate link you can also add it later. Below the "Experience" and "Education" sections is the "Licenses & Certifications" section. Here you can place your professional certificates. To add a new one, just click the "+" sign on the right.

If you don’t have a “Licenses & Certifications” section on your LinkedIn profile yet, you can add it by clicking “Add new profile section” at the top of your profile and clicking the “+” sign next to “Licenses & Certifications.”

Licenses & Certifications

5. Fill out the Form

  1. Type the name of the certificate. In our case, it is " - SQL Basics."
  2. Select Vertabelo as the company conducting the online course. ( is part of the Vertabelo family.) Just enter our name, and click on our logo.
  3. Click the “This credential does not expire” box. Our certificate does not expire. Select the month and year that you finished the course.
  4. Paste the previously copied web address for the certificate.
  5. Leave the "Credential ID" field blank. This field would need to be filled in if our certificate were issued on paper, not online.

Once filled out, your form should look like this:

Licenses & Certifications

6. Attach the Certificate to Your LinkedIn Profile

Just click "Save," and it's ready! You just published your certificate on LinkedIn. Now, your future employers can see what you know and where you learned it! Certificates and diplomas are often the first things that recruiters pay attention to, especially in the IT industry and other industries related to marketing and finance.


In this guide, I explained how to download a certificate confirming the successful completion of a course on I also showed you how to easily add it to your LinkedIn profile.

Have you already done it? Nice! Now, just wait for new job offers or congratulations from colleagues.

In the meantime, you can continue learning. On, you will find courses designed for your level and needs.

Are you a beginner? Start with the SQL Fundamentals track. Do you know the basics and want to further develop your knowledge and skills? I recommend the Advanced SQL track, which will help you learn about topics like Recursive Queries and "Window Functions" course. Start learning today!