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Free Course of the Month: SQL Server GROUP BY Extensions

Do you create SQL reports? Do you want them to be even better and more effective? Are you working with MS SQL Server and want to expand your query writing skills? Here is a great, interactive GROUP BY Extensions in MS SQL Server course. For the month of June, you can learn and finish this course for absolutely free.

Free MS SQL Server Group By

How can you get this free SQL course in June?

  1. Create a free account or log in if you already have one.
  2. Start the course. You will have free access to its content until the end of the month.

What Is GROUP BY in MS SQL Server?

It is hard to say that you know advanced MS SQL Server if you don’t know how to use GROUP BY. The clause allows you to group data then calculate statistics for each group. You can use it, for example, for creating a report for your online store.

Let's say you want to calculate the average value per order for each customer or the number of customers in each city where your services are delivered. This is where your ability to use GROUP BY in queries will come in handy.

GROUP BY is one of the key methods when working on reports. Do you want to learn more about data grouping in MS SQL Server? Read this article.

You can go a step further and learn about GROUP BY extensions in MS SQL Server. Our course covers the ROLLUP, CUBE and GROUPING SETS functions. They allow the GROUP BY clause to be extended. You will be able to perform multiple groupings in a single SQL query. It makes working on SQL reports even easier and more effective.

Why Learn GROUP BY Extensions?

The answer is a bit trivial, but also true: because it is a very useful skill. Many companies use OLAP databases, where OLAP stands for online analytical processing. GROUP BY extensions are helpful for computing statistics and performing aggregations on collected data.

Need an example? Imagine that you have a dating website and want to know your customer demographics, or that you are a bank and want to know how much money comes in and goes out each day, etc. Here, ROLLUP, CUBE, and GROUPING SETS will be almost indispensable.

GROUP BY extensions are used in databases and data processing technologies that focus on computing statistics and aggregations from data. Relational databases, data warehouses, and Big Data tools are just a few of them.

If you already know the basics of MS SQL Server but would like to develop and discover new advanced features, this is the right course for you. Not only will you learn what ROLLUP, CUBE and GROUPING SETS are, but you will immediately learn how to use them to create advanced reports or facilitate ETL processes.

What Will You Learn From Our Course?

The course consists of 68 interactive exercises you can do at your own pace, from anywhere and at any time. It is divided into four parts. Each MS SQL Server GROUP BY extension gets its own part, and the last part is a quiz. Completing all of them should take you about 7 hours.

What exactly do we mean when we say the course is interactive? We mean that when you learn a specific topic, you will have a chance to check it in practice.

You will write real SQL queries and see how they work. If you make a mistake somewhere, you will immediately see in our console what you need to work on. We believe only with such hands-on experience can you really master a given skill.

MS SQL Server Course

You want more? This course on the GROUP BY extensions in MS SQL Server is part of the great SQL from A to Z in MS SQL Server track. There, you will find everything you need to become an MS SQL expert.

Who Should Take This Course?

We have created this MS SQL Server course for everyone who does data analysis on a daily basis. Do you create reports? Or maybe you need to deepen your knowledge and master date and time analysis? You've come to the right place!

Of course, the course is not just for IT specialists. We also recommend it to sales managers, product managers, and financial experts.

Or maybe you are a student and are preparing for a computer science exam? Or maybe a programmer or developer who uses MS SQL Server and needs to expand his/her knowledge on this subject? Take this course.

You will also benefit from this course if you plan to get the 70-761 Querying Data with Transact SQL Microsoft certification. This is one of those certificates that you should have in your professional portfolio. The exam requires proven knowledge of the GROUP BY extensions, and our course is great for that.

MS SQL Server course on GROUP BY

Of course, after completing the exercises in this course, you will receive a PDF certificate. You can publish it on your LinkedIn profile. Check out how easy it is to do so in our short guide. You can also show it to your boss and prove to him/her that you are a developing employee who may deserve a raise.

Free SQL Course for June: GROUP BY Extensions in MS SQL Server

Now you know how much you can gain from knowing and being able to use the GROUP BY extensions in MS SQL Server. It is a must-have for anyone who wants to create reports and data summaries more easily and effectively.

Interested? For sure, I think, especially since now you can learn it all for FREE! You can get full access to this great interactive SQL course without paying anything. Sign up and start today!

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