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Free Course of the Month – SQL Practice Set in PostgreSQL

Do you know the basics of PostgreSQL but still need some practice? Look no further! Here is a great interactive course, SQL Practice Set in PostgreSQL. Throughout the month of September, you have access to it for FREE!

We at believe that to learn a new skill, you need basic theoretical knowledge and, above all, a lot of practice. It's the same with writing PostgreSQL queries – you need a lot of PostgreSQL practice. But sometimes it is hard to find good SQL projects and exercises that are not too difficult for novice users yet are challenging at the same time.

Do you want to take your skills to the next level? Are you preparing for a job interview for a position that requires working with relational databases? You've come to the right place! This course is perfect for your needs.

How do you get this free PostgreSQL course in September 2023?

To make your learning even easier (and to keep you from running into roadblocks), we recommend reading Kamila’s article on 5 Reasons You Might Fail to Learn SQL.

Why Is Our PostgreSQL Practice Course Free?

We have been choosing one of our SQL courses as the Course of the Month every month for some time. A selected interactive SQL course is free of charge for a specific month. This is to help our users who perhaps cannot afford to learn SQL but want to change their situation. Many people have already used the free learning option. Why not join them?

There is no catch! For September, our free SQL course is SQL Practice Set in PostgreSQL.

SQL Practice Set in PostgreSQL

Get Some PostgreSQL Practice

Many people write to us that they have tried reading SQL books, watching YouTube tutorials, or installing databases and writing SQL queries on their own. However, they say it is difficult to take the next step as a beginner and go full speed with PostgreSQL. They just lack practice.

Most of the PostgreSQL tasks and hands-on courses on the market are either too easy for someone who has already learned the basics of SQL or too difficult (and require knowing very advanced topics). That's why we created this PostgreSQL course.

What does it mean to practice PostgreSQL queries? Simply put, it is writing SQL queries using the knowledge you’ve gained so far. This practice is essential for mastering PostgreSQL, a skill that not only helps you in your current day-to-day work but also allows you to get a new, better job and earn more. Check out my article on hiring people skilled in SQL to see how this skill can pay off

Why Do You Need PostgreSQL Practice?

Suppose you are an athlete – for example, say you play basketball. Do you start training by reading about Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant? Or do you start by practicing moves like dribbling and shooting? There is a time for biographies and the theory of sports, but the most important things for a beginner basketball player are fitness and ball control. You only get them by practicing.

SQL is similar. You can read great SQL books and watch YouTube tutorials, but there's no substitute for hands-on exercises.

SQL Practice Set in PostgreSQL

Practice makes perfect, both on the court and in writing SQL queries.

Why Choose Practice Set in PostgreSQL ?

If you choose, you no longer need to look for an interactive PostgreSQL learning platform. We’re trusted by thousands of users who, thanks to our courses, have changed their jobs and sometimes even their careers! We constantly improve our platform and expand our offerings so we can give you an even better learning experience.

Each of our courses is carefully designed to give you a practical learning experience, down to the smallest detail. Our SQL courses are interactive, so you don't need to install anything on your computer. All you need is your favorite web browser and an Internet connection.

On our platform, you practice writing real PostgreSQL queries and our online console shows you the results immediately. This way, you test yourself, find out what you have mastered, and identify what topics you need to repeat. This is a great option for students before computer science exams or for people preparing for a job interview.

Learning SQL has never been easier!

But why choose SQL Practice Set in PostgreSQL? It contains 88 great interactive exercises. You practice SQL topics from the simplest to the increasingly complex.

What PostgreSQL Topics Will You Practice?

SQL Practice Set in PostgreSQL has five parts. After a short warm-up and reminder of a given topic, you move on to solving the tasks. Don't worry about it being too difficult – you can always use the hints.

The topics covered in the course are:

  • Selecting from one table – Review the fundamentals of SQL (SELECT and basic syntax) and practice using WHERE to filter data.
  • Aggregation and grouping – Test your knowledge of the GROUP BY and ORDER BY
  • JOINs – Practice using JOIN, LEFT JOIN, and non-equi JOIN. Check your skill in working with multiple tables.
  • Subqueries – Verify your knowledge of simple and correlated subqueries.
  • SQL Challenge – Practice PostgreSQL queries that combine SELECT, WHERE, JOIN, GROUP BY, HAVING, ORDER BY, and subqueries.

This is a great interactive PostgreSQL course for reviewing your SQL knowledge or for identifying problem areas you need to work on.

What if you’re hungry for more after you complete the course? The course is part of our SQL Practice in PostgreSQL track. In addition to the SQL exercise set you are reading about, you can also find PostgreSQL JOINs, a course that helps you practice using data from more than one table.

Who Should Take This Course?

The short answer is “anyone who wants to practice PostgreSQL.”

The long answer is: programmers who want to improve their database skills, job seekers, or anyone who works with PostgreSQL and wants to write better SQL queries. By taking this course, you gain real knowledge of PostgreSQL.

If you’re looking for a database or SQL job, read these articles:

SQL Practice Set in PostgreSQL

Recruiters often make their first selection of candidates based on the candidates’ LinkedIn profiles. After completing each course at, you receive a certificate that you can include on LinkedIn (and maybe impress some recruiters!).

It's September. If you are a student of computer science (for example), you probably just came back from the summer break and are starting the next semester. Our course will be a great reminder of the knowledge you have gained so far and what you still need to work on. 

By the way, check out our special student offer. You might want to bring this to your teacher’s attention, too, so they can include SQL practice in their curriculum.

Follow the PostgreSQL Path!

We hope we have convinced you to learn and practice PostgreSQL. This is one of those skills you should have in your arsenal. You can learn which major companies use PostgreSQL and what they use it for.

If you are serious about an IT career or becoming a professional user of PostgreSQL, we encourage you to reach for our flagship path, SQL from A to Z in PostgreSQL. Join other users of the most popular open-source database management system in the world!

You may also consider purchasing our All Forever Plan, which gives you access to all our current and future courses. Have fun learning PostgreSQL!