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4th Anniversary of

Time runs so fast. This week, we celebrate the 4th anniversary of We have come a long way together and we promise to get even better in the upcoming year! Thank you for being with us.

1459 days have passed since February 23, 2020, when we launched the platform. That's 35,016 hours, or 2,100,960 minutes, if you prefer. It's been a long time, but it feels like yesterday that we started out together. The time has passed blazingly fast and we’ve enjoyed every minute of working on this project.

Our goal was to create the most comprehensive SQL training platform in the world. We dreamed of giving you the best set of practical, interactive, online SQL courses and the best reading materials. We’ll leave it up to you to decide if we have succeeded in making that dream a reality. Want to show us what you think? Please rate us on - just click the banner below.

We are really proud of the trust you place in us! Each piece of feedback you provided during the last 4 years was inspiring and helpful! We have developed step by step, to provide the best educational experience to our users. All of the suggestions that we receive from you show us ways to improve further and we will never stop while we’ve got your support!

It Was a Busy Time

Over the last three years, our students have completed almost 2 million interactive SQL exercises included in 75 hands-on SQL courses and written thousands of positive reviews about them. We highly appreciate this because it fuels our motivation engine.

3rd Anniversary of

Currently, at, you can learn Standard SQL or choose one of the most popular dialects. We provide interactive MS SQL Server, MySQL, and PostgreSQL tracks and we’re constantly working on expanding our offer.

So far, the most popular single courses have been SQL Basics, SQL Practice SetSQL JOINs, and "Window Functions" course. Many of you have chosen our SQL tracks, which are sets of individual SQL courses. Think of them as learning paths that are tailored by experts to best fit your needs.

3rd Anniversary of

The best choice for everyone, however, was (and still is) the All Forever Package. It consists of all our current and future courses, in one place, for an amazing price.

To celebrate our 4th anniversary together, we’re offering a bundle of 75 interactive online SQL courses for just $149. Act fast - you can save $450!

One of the few things that has stayed the same is the high quality of our blog articles. We’ve published nearly 900 articles and several hundred SQL Cookbooks and we're just warming up! Expand your knowledge and learn from the best experts out there. We love sharing our expertise and passion with our readers and we'll continue to do this!

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SQL Skills Assessment

We are very proud of our SQL Skills Assessment. We designed this tool to accurately gauge your SQL proficiency and offer you a detailed evaluation of your skills across various SQL topics and concepts. Whether you are a newcomer to the world of SQL or a seasoned professional seeking to measure your expertise, our assessment delivers personalized insights that can guide your learning journey effectively. And the best part is that it’s completely free!

SQL Skills Assesment

The assessment serves as a reliable benchmark for tracking progress over time, making it an essential tool for anyone serious about advancing their SQL knowledge. By understanding where you stand and what steps you need to take next, you're well on your way to achieving your SQL learning objectives. You can get a Certificate of Competency in SQL to prove you are a true SQL expert!

SQL Training For Education And Business

From the beginning, has supported all those who want to develop their skills. A significant audience for us is (among others) students, who are looking for knowledge but can only sometimes afford higher expenses. We have launched the SQL training for Education program, especially for them.

To make students' first steps easier and encourage them to learn SQL, we provide them with the SQL Basics course for free! They simply need to create a free account using their school email address.

3rd Anniversary of

The offer also applies to teachers, who can use our platform to enrich their programs. They will have the ability to access a unique Learning Management Portal to create assignments, track students' growth, or even design their own SQL courses.

We’ve also tightened our cooperation with companies by training employees from various industries around the world. If you want to find out how SQL can help your business, read this article.

For the last five years, we’ve been collaborating with Uber. Are you curious about how we've helped this global corporation train over 10k employees? If so, read this case study.

Are you interested in our offer for businesses? Contact us to discuss how we can help your company!

Thanks For Being You

Our efforts would be nothing without our beloved users. It is for you that we work and it is with you in mind that we are constantly developing. We are happy for each of you who achieved your goals, changed your job, or got promoted with the help of our SQL courses.

Special thanks are also due to all those who support our growth, help us improve our platform, and promote our offer. We also owe a special high five to members of our SQL Affiliate Program! Want to join? Fill out the form and start earning by telling others about the best SQL courses in the world!

We wish you all the best!