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Anniversary of

Consider the period from Feb. 23, 2020 to Feb. 22, 2021. A year, 255 working days. Is that a lot of time? Well, it depends. For the Team, the time has passed blazingly fast. If someone had told us a year ago that we would be where we are now, we would have said, ‘We wish!’. We had a clear vision and a plan to create the most comprehensive SQL training platform in the world, with the best set of hands-on online SQL courses, and top-notch reading materials. Have we succeeded? We’ll leave it to you, our friends, to answer this question. We’re sure we’ve made a significant step in this direction. What we know for a fact is that today is the first anniversary of We’re proud and happy. Happy Birthday!

Of course, all of this would make no sense if you weren't with us. Over the last 365 days, our students have completed over 500,000 interactive SQL exercises included in 39 hands-on SQL courses, and written 11,482 positive reviews about them. We highly appreciate this, because your positive feedback fuels our motivation engine.

The most popular courses over the last year have been SQL Basics, SQL JOINS, and Window Functions, but many of you have chosen our SQL tracks. These are specially curated learning paths, designed to maximize the effectiveness of learning across various SQL concepts. The most popular ones have been SQL from A to Z and SQL Practice. We like them as much as you do.

We are also very proud of our blog. We managed to gather a great group of experts who have been writing about SQL in an accessible, interesting, and sometimes unconventional way. This is another field where we’ve cranked up some impressive numbers. During the year, we’ve published nearly 350 articles and more than 100 SQL Cookbooks with over 1.5 million readers. Pretty good for one year, and we're just warming up!

Discounts, forever plan $169, single SQL course $25

At the same time, we’ve tightened our cooperation with companies. We’ve been helping them to build great data culture. We’ve trained employees from various industries around the world. If you’d like to get to know how we helped Uber train over 23,000 employees by delivering 18 custom built SQL courses, you should read this case study. Interested in our offer for businesses? Contact us and let’s talk about your company!

Thank you for being with us through the year. You were the motivation for us to work hard and constantly improve our offer. We listened diligently to what you told us. Many of your suggestions have been implemented on the platform. Thanks to this feedback, becomes better, day by day.

And last but not least. For our first anniversary, we’ve prepared a unique opportunity to get our SQL courses at very special prices. From Feb. 22 to Mar. 7 you can purchase our Forever plan, which gives you lifetime access to all present and future courses, for as little as $169. That means you will save $230. This price will not be seen again this year! If you want to start small, you can buy lifetime access to a single SQL course for only $25.

We’ve also prepared something for students. As a student, you’ll be able to get our Forever plan for only $99. To take advantage of this deal just drop us a line from your school email at, and we will send you back a special promo code to apply during the checkout process.

We wish you all the best!

The Team at

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