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New Monthly SQL Practice for July 2022!

Ready for our new SQL challenge? This time, we have prepared slightly more difficult SQL tasks. Here’s July’s SQL Practice course!

This time, you will help Ruby. She is the creator of a language tandem app, that is, a chat application in which learners can find native speakers for practicing languages.

Ruby would like to gather data to help expand her business, and she has hired you as an SQL specialist to help her out. In how many countries are there Spanish speakers? How many chatrooms have been active in the past 2 years? The answers are hidden in the database; you just need to figure out how to get them out of the database using SQL JOINs.

This SQL Practice is at the advanced level. It is aimed at those who have finished our SQL Basics and SQL JOINs courses or have equivalent knowledge. If you don’t feel comfortable working with JOINs yet, make sure to check out these courses. Then, come back here for more practice!

Each month, offers a set of interactive SQL exercises for you to practice writing real SQL queries in real-life scenarios. Every Monthly SQL Practice features a different business or hobby. We’ve had practices that feature family trees, a language school, a book exchange, a job agency, rental cars, stars and astronomy, auto repair, baking, pizza, movies, U.S. cities, and more. And these aren’t just theoretical exercises; you can copy your SQL queries from this practice set, adapt them to your database, and use them in your own projects.

Our SQL practice features basic exercises on even-numbered months and advanced tasks on odd-numbered months. Each SQL practice course includes up to 10 interactive SQL exercises to help you improve your skills. The whole thing takes an hour or less to complete.

As a reminder, this month’s SQL Practice is at an advanced level. Remember to use the hints!

Practice your SQL skills and help Ruby grow her business! Start July’s SQL Practice course now.

Have fun!