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New Monthly SQL Practice for March 2022!

If you are a more advanced SQL user who is comfortable using CASE WHEN, GROUP BY, aggregate functions, and common table expressions (CTEs), you can check your knowledge with the March SQL Practice. On, you‘ll find a new challenge to solve every month.

Maybe this is the first time you’ve come across our Monthly SQL Practices. offers one SQL Practice each month: at the basic level on even-numbered months and at the advanced level on odd-numbered months. Each SQL Practice takes about an hour (or less!) and contains 5–10 exercises to help you hone your skills.

Each Monthly SQL Practice features a different business or hobby. We’ve had practices that feature family trees, a language school, a book exchange, a job agency, rental cars, stars and astronomy, auto repair, baking, pizza, movies, U.S. cities, and more.

In our March SQL Practice, you’ll meet Megan, a manager of a local theater. She would like to gather some data that will help her run the business more effectively. She needs to know which plays are the most popular and how many plays were staged each month.

Can you help her with the analysis by using your SQL powers? It shouldn’t be too hard if you have finished our Creating Basic SQL Reports course or if you understand the concepts covered there: CASE WHEN, GROUP BY, aggregate functions, or using CASE WHEN with GROUP BY.

As a reminder, this month’s SQL Practice is at the advanced level. Remember to use the hints, and have fun!

Practice your SQL skills and help Megan grow her business! Start the March SQL Practice course now!