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New Monthly Challenge for January 2021!

This month’s Monthly Challenge is now available! In January, you can test your SQL skills in window functions by solving problems for Jeremy, the manager of the clothing retailer, Edward.

Is this the first time you’ve come across our Monthly Challenge? delivers one SQL Challenge each month to our users. Starting in January 2021, we have monthly challenges separately for beginners and for advanced users. Each challenge contains 5 to 10 SQL exercises, prepared for those who want to practice their skills. It shouldn’t take you more than an hour to solve these tasks.

Each Challenge features a different type of business, problem, or hobby. So far, we’ve had challenges on job searches, stars and astronomy, an auto repair shop, a bakery, pizza, popular movies, books, and more. The theme for January is preparing reports for a clothing retailer.

In our January 2021 SQL Challenge, you’ll meet Jeremy and his colleague, Jack. Jeremy needs reports to develop his business. Jack knows SQL and window functions; he will try to support Jeremy. However, Jack is not as good as you are and needs your help. Jeremy wants to know which products sold the best, where his customers bought the most, what categories of products sold the best, etc. Can you help Jeremy and Jack find the answers to these questions?

If you have finished our Window Functions course, it shouldn’t be too hard, so, don’t worry. Remember to use the hints and have fun!