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New Monthly SQL Challenge for October 2020!

The new Monthly Challenge on is ready! In October, we invite you to try your SQL skills by learning about job positions and recruitment agencies.

Is this the first time you’ve come across our Monthly Challenge? delivers a new SQL challenge every month. Each challenge contains 5 to 10 SQL exercises designed for people who want to practice their SQL skills. It takes less than an hour to solve these tasks.

The Monthly Challenge lets you test your SQL skills and knowledge on a different type of business or hobby each month. Each one is based around a specific topic; so far, we’ve done astronomy, an auto repair shop, a bakery, pizza, popular movies, and others. For October, the theme is searching through job positions and recruitment agencies.

In our October 2020 SQL Challenge, you’ll meet Rebecca and her friend Paul. Rebecca has just graduated with a degree in computer science and wants to find a new job. Her friend Paul owns several online recruitment agencies and would like to help her. Together, they’re searching for information about the best IT jobs in his database. Can you help Rebecca start her career? The October SQL Challenge will test your skills!

Does this sound interesting? If you have finished our SQL Basics course, it shouldn’t be too hard. Dig in, don’t worry, and remember to use the hints!

Have fun!