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SQL Interview: Tips From Recruiter and Sample Questions with Solutions

Applying for an SQL-related position? You'll likely have to pass an interview process. But you'll be much better prepared for the interview if you know what to expect. This article sheds some light on the recruiter's perspective to better prepare you for your interview. SQL Knowledge and Skills There are different SQL skills that an interview can test. These include: Skills related to any specific SQL database engine (like PostgreSQL, MySQL, or Oracle).

How to Become a Database Analyst

Curious about becoming a database analyst? Maybe you've taken some database courses at university and they really struck a chord. Or maybe you learned online. Now you're thinking about making a career out of working with databases. Where would you start? What should you expect at each phase of your professional development? In this post, we'll explore the challenging and exciting world of databases analysis. We'll go from the very beginning of a career to the apex of professional success.

Most Popular SQL Interview Questions for Business Analysts

-- SQL is an extremely desirable skill for anyone in today’s market—not just those in the IT sector. It’s becoming increasingly common for employers to require at least a basic knowledge of SQL in professions related to finance, statistics, banking, and business analytics. In this article, we will focus on the SQL interview questions for business analyst (BA) positions that appear at job interviews most often.

Why Is SQL Worth Learning?

Nowadays, data is gathered from a variety of sources, and information is of great value to organizations. However, with an increasing amount of data comes the need for databases that can store information for retrieval and analysis by trained specialists. That’s where Structured Query Language comes in. Is SQL worth learning? In this article, I’ll explain why it definitely is. Relational databases, which logically group information into chunks, are basically used to store and organize large amounts of data.

The 5 Highest Paying Jobs That Use SQL

IT provides a wide and growing job market, offering many excellent opportunities in both career development and earning potential. Today we’ll take a look at several very interesting types of database jobs that use SQL. Every year, many in the work force set their sights and aim for new and better jobs. When it comes to jobs, “better” means different things to different people, but earning potential is almost always a top priority.

Four Reasons You Must Learn SQL in Data Science

Is SQL important for data science? It certainly is! This language can help you build a foundation for your analytical career. Let’s see how you use SQL in data science. Data science is hot right now. What if you could predict the next market crash? Or contain the spread of Ebola? Or accurately predict a health crisis months or even years before it happens? Data scientists are working hard on these kinds of projects, and they are earning healthy salaries in the process.

Complete SQL Practice for Interviews

Congratulations! Your SQL skills were strong enough to get you that job interview! Now, if you only knew what SQL que[stions and practical exercises a recruiter might ask you to do… This article is meant as a SQL practice for interviews. I’ll help you prepare for the SQL and database aspects of your job interview. In a previous article, I explained how can you boost your career by learning SQL.