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SQL training for Education

An exclusive offer for students and teachers from all around the world to learn, teach, and practice SQL

For Students

With a student account you can access our whole curriculum at very special prices.




Hands-on SQL tasks



For Teachers

We offer Learning Management Portal. It will help you realize your teaching goals, track student’s progress, or even create own SQL courses

„I have seen students with no SQL experience thrive on If you’re looking for a real-life experience on a remote platform, whether it’s for students or employees, is the way to go.”

Michael Petrone

Computer Science Teacher, Geary Public Schools

Create assignments

Create assignments for individual students or create groups and assign courses to them. Set deadlines for completion of courses and extend deadlines for assignments.

Track student’s growth

You can monitor students' learning process. Check how quickly and efficiently they progress through the courses and how much time they need to complete them.

Design own SQL courses

If you have an idea for a custom SQL course for your students, we have the right solution for you. Using our SQL course development framework, you can use any dataset you want and structure the whole course to your preference.