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Monthly SQL Practice – January 2021

Curious what juicy queries we've got for you this time? Be sure to check this month's challenge!

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January 2021 SQL Challenge

Our next monthly SQL Challenge is waiting for you! Starting in January 2021, you get to test your SQL skills on new tasks and on a new topic at an advanced level.

If you have fundamental knowledge of SQL and of window functions – if you've finished our Window Functions course – this is a good way to practice your skills. Are you ready for this challenge?

Let's get started!

Help Jeremy and Jack Develop the Clothing Retailer!

January is the first month in a new year. Jeremy, like other managers, is planning business development for the year and needs reports about his business from the marketing department. Jack works there and knows SQL. However, he needs your help in preparing these special reports using window functions in SQL. In this challenge, you’ll help Jeremy and Jack using the database clothing_store. Jeremy wants to understand orders, customers, and sales. Can you help them?

If you have finished our Window Functions course, you know enough to help Jack to prepare the reports about products sold and other order details. Give it a try! (Hint: In each exercise, you can see a sample of the data. Look in the right-hand menu, under the "Database" tab.)

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1. Challenge

Practice SQL with our coding challenges! Each month, there’s a new set of exercises to solve with real-time feedback.


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