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SQL Coding Challenge – May 2020

Curious what juicy queries we've got for you this time? Be sure to check this month's challenge!

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May 2020 SQL Challenge

Welcome to the May SQL Challenge! If you’ve finished our SQL Basics and Standard SQL Functions courses, this challenge is a great way to practice your skills. Get ready to test your knowledge with our May 2020 SQL Challenge!

Let’s start!

Help Lisa Manage a Bakery!

Success in business is very important – but it’s not always easy to achieve. Knowing your industry is one thing, but, as Lisa learns, having some SQL skills can also be helpful!

Managing a bakery has always been Lisa’s dream job. She’s just been hired by Mark’s bakery and would really like to impress her boss with how good she is at her job. To do this, she’ll have to resolve various problems – one of which is finding the money for a new oven. This will let Mark work more efficiently, bake more cakes, and make more money. But can Lisa do it? Does Mark get his new oven?

Find out by following the instructions to gather and analyze bakery information. This will help Lisa make good decisions and expand production! (Hint: In each exercise, you can see a sample of the data. Look in the right-hand menu, under the “Database” tab.)

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May 2020 Challenge

Practice SQL with our SQL coding challenges! Each month, there’s a new set of exercises to solve and real-time feedback.

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