Common MySQL Functions

Learn how to use the most common MySQL 5 and MySQL 8 functions. You’ll be writing MySQL queries like a pro!

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Common MySQL Functions is an interactive SQL course for intermediate users who want to up their skills. Do you dream of a career in data analysis or data engineering? Or do you use MySQL databases in your daily work? If you answered yes and have a basic knowledge of MySQL, this course is perfect for you!

MySQL, like any other database, comes with a number of built-in functions; knowing them is essential to becoming proficient in SQL. A function is a predefined piece of code that performs a certain operation. MySQL functions let you change the case of text, extract a word from a sentence, round decimal numbers, and lots more.

Common MySQL Functions will teach you the most commonly used built-in functions in MySQL and how to work with them. It uses MySQL 8, but MySQL 5 users can take this course, too: we clearly mark functions available only in MySQL 8.

The course is split into multiple parts. Each part is dedicated to a different type of function:

  • Text functions let you work with text data. You’ll learn how to merge two or more texts, how to compute the length of a text, how to transform text into uppercase or lowercase, how to extract part of a text, and more.
  • Numeric functions work with numeric data. You will learn about arithmetic in MySQL (computer computations may not get the result you think!) and how to avoid common mistakes. You’ll also learn how to round decimal numbers, how to get the absolute value of a number, and much more.
  • Date and time functions work with months, days, hours, and so on. You’ll learn about date and time data types in MySQL, how to filter records by a date interval, how to extract part of a date, and more.
  • NULL functions work with NULLs, or unknown values. NULLs can be tricky to handle; these functions make it easier.

At the end of the course, there is a final challenge. It combines concepts from all the other parts and lets you practice the functions you’ve learned.

Common MySQL Functions is interactive. You’ll learn by writing real SQL queries in our online console and immediately seeing the results. Our platform runs your code and verifies your solution. Each exercise includes an instruction and a task that you complete. This way, you can put your new knowledge into practice right away.

This course is for users who have some familiarity with SQL. You should already know:

  • How to select from a single table, including writing WHERE conditions
  • How to JOIN tables
  • How to use GROUP BY and HAVING

What Do You Need to Take This Course?

  • A web browser
  • Some understanding of SQL, such as the concepts presented in our SQL Basics in MySQL course

This Course Will Teach You How To:

  • Use common MySQL text functions
  • Correctly use MySQL arithmetic operators – and avoid common mistakes
  • Use MySQL numeric functions
  • Work with date and time data types in MySQL
  • Use MySQL date and time functions
  • Work with NULLs in MySQL

Plus, you’ll get to practice your skills in 136 interactive exercises.

Who Should Take This Course?

  • Database analysis beginners
  • Junior developers
  • Students taking classes in relational databases
  • Business database users who want to improve their skills
  • Anyone who wants to learn about common MySQL functions

What's In It for Me?

  • 136 interactive exercises. Learn at your own pace, from anywhere and at any time. Interactive, hands-on learning improves retention.
  • Lifetime access to the course. When you purchase the course, you’ll get instant personal access to all of its content.
  • Certificate of completion. After you successfully finish all of the exercises, you’ll get a downloadable PDF certificate to showcase your accomplishment.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with the quality of the course, you can get a refund within 30 days of your purchase.
  • Hints and help. There are hints available in the exercises to help you if you get stuck. You can also ask our learning community for help through the Disqus tab. Or drop the course creators a line – we’ll be more than happy to answer!

Table of contents


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Introductory Quiz

How much do you know about SQL?


Introductory Quiz


Pretty Printing

Discover MySQL's text functions!




Simple text functions

How to modify strings

Summary and Review


Numeric Functions

Learn how to do math (and more) with MySQL's numeric functions.



So you think you can count ...

Round and other functions

Summary and Review


Date and Time Functions

Learn how to work with date and time data in MySQL



Dealing with dates

Working with time

Date and time data types

Extracting dates and times

Doing arithmetic with dates

Converting date and time data

Current date and time data

Summary and review


NULL functions

Learn how to successfully work with NULLs.



The ISNULL() function

The COALESCE() function

The NULLIF() function

Summary and review


Final Quiz

How well do you remember the contents of this course? Let's find out!



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