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Review and deepen your knowledge of SQL JOINs with 93 exercises. Practice common and less common ways of getting data from multiple tables.

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JOINs are one of the most fundamental and commonly used features of the SQL language. It's safe to say that at least basic knowledge of querying data from more than one table is an absolute must for every SQL user.

This course covers all important types of SQL JOINs that are widely used by SQL programmers to query databases on a daily basis.

This course is intended for users who have very basic experience with SQL. We assume you know how to write simple queries to select data from a single table.

What Do You Need to Take This Course?

Just a web browser and an Internet connection.

This Course Will Teach You:

  • JOINing and selecting data from more than one table
  • JOINIng many tables in a single query
  • The use cases of LEFT JOIN, RIGHT JOIN, and FULL JOIN
  • How to correctly filter data with different kinds of JOINs
  • How to join a given table with itself
  • How to join tables on non-key columns

You'll also delve into the interesting topic of non-equi JOINs.

Who Should Take This Course?

  • Analysts who use relational databases
  • Students taking courses in relational databases
  • Beginning programmers interested in SQL
  • Business database users who want to improve their querying skills
  • Anyone who wants to improve or practice their knowledge of SQL JOINs

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