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Monthly SQL Challenges

SQL learners sometimes need challenges. Do you want to test your problem-solving skills or your knowledge of SQL? Then take our monthly SQL Challenges! We prepare them on every month. Each Challenge relates to a different interesting topic and will help you keep your SQL game sharp.

In this article, you'll discover what our Monthly Challenges are and where to find them. We’ll also look at the Challenges collected in our Monthly SQL Challenge Mini Track.

What Is an SQL Challenge?

Our SQL Challenges are a group of exercises containing 5-10 tasks. They are similar to our SQL courses, but much shorter. And everything in the Challenge is based around one topic, such as a specific industry or hobby. It should take about an hour to finish each Challenge.

Why Complete LearnSQL’s Challenges?

Have you taken any of our courses? Maybe even the whole track? Our Monthly Challenges help maintain your skills at a high level. Like any skill, SQL needs to be constantly practiced. Our SQL Challenges are perfect for this. You can see how SQL is useful in various areas of business. You will also learn something new. Our challenges are not easy, but don't be afraid; the exercises come with hints.

These Challenges can especially help beginners looking for opportunities to improve their SQL skills. We also recommend them to students preparing for an SQL exam and for anyone practicing for an SQL job interview. You don't need anything more than a browser and an internet connection. There’s nothing to download or install anything; it's so simple.

In some SQL Challenges, you’ll learn something new about the world; in others, you’ll feel like an SQL expert who can solve business problems. Each new month offers a new set of exercises based on real world examples.

Where can you find LearnSQL’s Mini Track of monthly SQL Challenges? The diagram below takes you through it, step by step.


Learn SQL with Our Monthly Challenges

The Monthly SQL Challenges mini-track currently contains six Challenges. We’ll list them from newest to oldest:

  • SQL Coding Challenge – May 2020, Level: Basic
    At the time I was writing this article, this was the current Challenge. It's a great option for people who have completed the SQL Basics and Standard SQL Functions courses. You’ll see how to manage a bakery using SQL. Help Lisa, the bakery manager, solve various problems, work more efficiently, sell more cakes, and earn more money.
  • SQL Coding Challenge – April 2020, Level: Basic
    This is the story of a man who starts his own auto parts and repairs business. He wants to develop his company, and you’ll help him choose the best ways of development. This Challenge is best for those who have completed the SQL Basics, SQL JOINs, and Standard SQL Functions courses.
  • SQL Coding Challenge – March 2020, Level: Basic
    March, the beginning of spring, is often associated with flowers. So we've created a flower-based Challenge: help a couple choose blooms for their dream garden. What could be better than spending your free time in a beautiful garden with someone you love? This time, the skills taught in SQL Basics and SQL JOINs will be useful.
  • SQL Coding Challenge – February 2020, Level: Basic
    Who doesn't like a good pizza? That's why we decided to devote this SQL Challenge to pizza and other delicious foods. It’s Valentine’s Day; Lisa and Gary want to choose the best restaurant for a romantic candlelit dinner. Help them decide which Italian restaurant is the best!
  • SQL Coding Challenge – January 2020, Level: Basic
    We invite you on a journey to the stars. Meet David, an astronomy lover who likes to observe the starry sky. During the SQL exercises, you will learn many interesting facts about space. All you need is a basic knowledge of SQL for this Challenge.
  • SQL Coding Challenge – December 2019, Level: Basic
    Do you hear yodeling? We’re in the Austrian Tyrol, enjoying its ski resorts, slopes, events, and activities. Help a group of friends plan their Tyrolean holiday. Maybe our SQL Challenge will inspire you to visit this region known for skiing, beautiful views, and brilliant beer.

Try Our Monthly SQL Challenges!

Now that you know what SQL JOINs’s Monthly SQL challenges are and why it’s worth solving them. You even know how long it takes. Will you stand up to the challenge? Can you solve our tasks? Show what you can do and have fun at the same time!