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We Have Changed For You!

It's even better than before! doesn't just have a new awesome look. We've also been working very hard on the "behind the scenes" stuff, and have changed many functions on our platform to ensure that you have the best possible learning experience.

The first glance at the new platform shows immediately that a lot has changed. It was very good before, but now it's awesome! We are very proud of our new look and hope that it will make learning SQL even more fun and effective.

We've refreshed the exercise screens – everything has become even clearer and easier to use – especially on smaller displays. Now, you really shouldn't be distracted or discouraged from learning SQL.

Write real SQL queries and see their results live in a new online console. is one of the few places where you can really practice SQL, thanks to our hands-on approach and interactive SQL tasks and challenges.

New Platform Look

All you need is a web browser. We took care of everything else.

What should you do now? First, select a course or a track. You can choose from over 40 interactive courses tailored to your level of proficiency and expertise. Whether you are a beginner or a very experienced and advanced SQL user, we surely have the perfect course for you.

You may choose to learn a SQL dialect that you will use later at work or for your own projects. We have great, interactive PostgreSQL and MS SQL Server courses. The choice is yours!


One of the few things that has not changed is the high quality of our blog articles. Expand your knowledge and learn from the best experts out there. Remember to subscribe to our newsletter in order not to miss any valuable content. is now an even better solution for business. Are you looking for SQL courses for your team? Perhaps you need customized course content so that your employees can learn SQL and get to know your company's ecosystem right away? Well, you've come to the right place. Check out how we can help your business grow. You may also want to read our UBER case study.

Book your free tour of our platform here or drop us a line at Let's create great things together!

We encourage you to try our new platform. The first few exercises in each SQL course are free, so you can test them out and see if our platform is right for you free of charge. You will achieve your goals with us: just log in and start learning!

Learning SQL has never been easier!