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New Monthly SQL Practice for June 2024!

In our June 2024 SQL Practice, you will meet Christine, the manager of a gym downtown, who seeks help in gaining essential insights from the gym database. She wants to understand various aspects: the popularity of each trainer, the average price for a training session, members with active plans, and more. Can you use your SQL skills to lend her a hand? It should not be too challenging if you have completed our SQL Basics course or have a solid grasp of fundamental SQL concepts.

Our interactive SQL course is a great way to test your skills and put what you have learned so far into practice. The exercises are fun, so you do not get bored while learning. And thanks to the interactive online console, you write real SQL queries and see their results. There is nothing to install or set up. A web browser and your willingness to practice SQL are enough.

Maybe this is the first time you’ve come across our Monthly SQL Practices. offers one SQL Practice each month: basic levels on even-numbered months and advanced levels on odd-numbered months. Each SQL Practice takes about an hour (or less!) and contains 5–10 exercises to help you hone your skills.

Each Monthly SQL Practice features a different business or hobby. We have had practices featuring family trees, a language school, a book exchange, a job agency, rental cars, stars and astronomy, auto repair, baking, pizza, movies, U.S. cities, and more.

Our exercises are based on real business scenarios. There are no abstract theories here, just everyday business problems. You can copy most of the SQL queries you write in these exercises and use them in your own projects. This is what they call a hands-on SQL course!

Who is this course for? Everyone, especially beginners who need to practice SQL. We believe this is the only way you truly learn something. Knowledge is helpful only when you use it in practice.

If you are a basic SQL user who knows how to join tables and group and filter data, check your knowledge with the June SQL Practice!

Hungry for more SQL exercises? Check out our SQL Practice track featuring over 800 interactive SQL exercises. You’ll have brushed up your SQL coding skills before you know it!

Have fun and start practicing SQL now with our June 2024 SQL Practice!