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2023 Monthly SQL Practice Sets - Basic

Practice SQL queries with all basic coding challenges from 2023!

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Hone your SQL skills with our interactive course: 86 online SQL practice exercises for beginners using real-world databases.

“Practice is the best of all instructors.” This is especially true for all practical skills, such as writing SQL queries. To become a proficient SQL user, you must write dozens of SQL queries on real-world databases.

We know how difficult it is to find good SQL practice exercises for beginners. That’s why every other month we publish a new beginner-friendly SQL practice course at Each monthly practice course is based on a real-world scenario. It contains an introduction to the online practice database and 8-10 interactive SQL exercises that use this database.

Our monthly practice courses are greatly appreciated by our users. Here’s what they say about them:

“Please keep the monthly challenges coming! Keep new materials varied so I can keep learning new things while refreshing older/more common skills.”

“New SQL challenge each month adds a lot of value to the platform.”

Unlock your SQL potential with our “2023 Monthly SQL Practice Sets – Basic” course, a comprehensive compilation of beginner-level SQL exercises published throughout 2023. This great set of hands-on exercises offers a cost-effective and convenient solution, replacing the need to purchase six separate courses.

Elevate your SQL skills with this curated collection of monthly practice exercises!

What Does This Practice Set Contain?

This practice set has 6 parts, each corresponding to one of our monthly SQL practice courses from 2023. You’ll experience real-world scenarios and practice on different databases:

  • In the February part of the set, you help manage the local gym.
  • In the April part, you work on a database for a game development tournament
  • In the June part, you help manage an online pet store.
  • In the August part, you work on a database for a healthcare clinic.
  • In the October part, you help manage a publishing company.
  • In the December part, you work on a database for a cooking website.

All queries and solutions you learn can be readily adapted and applied to your business context. Whether it's optimizing an online store or handling complex data in game development, you'll acquire transferable SQL expertise that can enhance and streamline your business operations.

This practice set is perfect for beginners looking for realistic skill-building exercises. To take it, you should be familiar with the basics of SQL covered in our SQL Basics course or have the equivalent knowledge. You should be familiar with SELECT, WHERE, ORDER BY, GROUP BY, aggregate functions, HAVING, JOIN and its different types, and subqueries.

In this practice set, you will practice various topics, like selecting data from a single table using SELECT and filtering it with WHERE. You will sort information using ORDER BY. You will combine information from multiple tables using INNER JOIN, LEFT JOIN, RIGHT JOIN, and FULL JOIN. You will compute statistics using aggregate functions like COUNT(), AVG(), SUM(), MIN(), and MAX() and you’ll prepare reports using GROUP BY and HAVING. You’ll also find exercises that include simple or complex subqueries.

The course contains 86 exercises, equivalent to about 6 hours of coding.

Boost your SQL proficiency with our interactive course as you write, run, and refine your queries on a live database. Our platform offers immediate feedback, fostering your SQL learning and skill development. Each successful exercise builds your confidence – ensuring a practical, hands-on SQL experience.

After you finish the course, you will get a certificate that you can publish on your LinkedIn profile.

What’s In It for Me?

  • 6 great basic SQL practice courses: Have fun and improve your SQL with these 86 SQL exercises.
  • Learn by doing: Get hands-on practice with our real code editor, real data sets, and realistic tasks.
  • Online certificate: After completing the full set, you’ll receive a certificate you can add to your LinkedIn profile.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee: If you're not satisfied with this practice set, tell us within 30 days of purchase and you’ll get a full refund.
  • Trusted support system: Each course comes with access to our resource base and technical support. You can also join our learning community and participate in on-task discussions.
  • Hints and more: If you get stuck, use the hints included in the exercises. Or use the Discuss tab to ask questions and share insights with other members of the LearnSQL community. You can also drop us a line at and we'll be more than happy to help!


  • Knowledge of foundational SQL. (We recommend doing the SQL Basics course first.)
  • A web browser and an Internet connection.

Who Should Take This Course?

  • People who want to refresh their SQL knowledge.
  • People preparing for a SQL interview.
  • SQL students looking for additional practice.
  • Aspiring data analysts who want to improve their SQL skills.
  • Beginning programmers looking for interesting SQL challenges.
  • Anyone who wants to practice basic SQL.
  • You!

Table of contents


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February 2023 SQL Challenge

Hazel needs help managing the local gym. Are you ready to test your database skills and answer his questions?

Start now


April 2023 SQL Challenge

Emma wants to improve her game development tournaments. Are you ready to resolve her business problems?



June 2023 SQL Challenge

David manages an online pet store, which sells food and accessories for various animals. Use your database skills to help him track various statistics about his store’s performance.



August 2023 SQL Challenge

Abigail is the manager of a local healthcare clinic. She would like to gather data to help her run the clinic more effectively. Can you help her?



October 2023 SQL Challenge

Sophie owns a publishing company. She needs your help to leverage the database and grow her business. Are you ready to test your database skills and answer her questions?



December 2023 SQL Challenge

John manages a cooking website that publishes articles, tutorials, and recipes and provides feedback from readers. Can you use your SQL skills to help him gather important data?


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