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SQL Scholarship Program 2020

2020 is slowly coming to an end. It was extremely difficult for everyone. We’ve therefore decided to end it with something positive.

SQL Scholarship Program 2020

This Holiday, we want to help someone change their life. Learn SQL will fund 50 SQL Scholarships for people who cannot afford to learn SQL and who may find it helpful in a difficult situation. We’ll hand out our flagship track - SQL From A to Z - for FREE!

Are you going through a difficult time? Do you wish to learn SQL but can’t afford courses? Perhaps, you know somebody else who could use a little help? Please let us know and share your story by writing to We will choose 50 people to whom we will give free access to our SQL From A to Z track. is the best way to learn SQL and work with databases effectively. Our courses are logically designed and interactive. You don't need to install or configure anything - you just need a web browser. This is a real opportunity for a career boost, professional development, and to help land a better job.

SQL Scholarship from on Vimeo.

Start 2021 by learning useful skills that are sought-after by employers. Give yourself, or someone you know, a chance to change!