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Why Learn SQL Over the Summer

Think summer is reserved for flying to warm places and hanging out at the beach? Sure! But it's also a great time to learn new skills that you haven't had time for.

If you recently graduated from high school and want to get a head start on computer programming for college, learning SQL over the summer is a great opportunity. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain—SQL is actually really easy to learn, especially with so much free time over the summer.

For the love of SQL, we decided to motivate you (yes, you) to learn SQL over the summer. Here's why!

#1 You'll learn SQL

Beginner or not, you can learn SQL today and go from zero to hero. Our courses vary in difficulty from basic to advanced, allowing anyone and everyone to learn at their own pace. With our interactive exercises, you'll gain hands-on experience writing queries, and each course comes with tons of practice material to help you cement the concepts you learn. You'll write hundreds of lines of SQL code, no matter your level of expertise.

#2 You'll have fun

Learning is often seen as a tedious process—but it doesn't have to be that way! Each of our courses is carried out in a fun and engaging way, with plenty of real-life scenarios and unique examples that help you relate the concepts you learn to the world around you. During the lessons, you'll learn interesting facts about different countries and their people. For example, in our PostGIS course on spatial databases, you'll get to explore some awesome tourist attractions in San Francisco. The entire world is just a click away!

#3 You'll get hints

Nobody's perfect, and we all have trouble now and then. But don't worry—we won't leave you stuck on an exercise! LearnSQL's educational environment lets you discuss exercises and issues with other members of the community, giving you a glimpse into the world of collaboration among real programmers. Ask questions and share insights via the Disqus tab, or drop us a line at (and expect an answer soon!).

#4 You can decide whether SQL is your THING

With all the buzz about learning to code, one of the most common questions we get from our users is which technology they should start with. SQL is not hardcore programming, and that's why it's an excellent choice for beginner, intermediate, and expert programmers alike.

If you don't like SQL, that's totally OK. The skills you gain from learning SQL are still valuable for getting hired in related industries (such as data analysis), so it's a win-win! Take the leap this summer and see how you feel about databases. Who knows? Maybe it'll be love at first sight! ??

#5 You'll get the hang of what real programming looks like

On the other hand, if you're not completely sure whether you'll like programming at all, SQL is the easiest way to get your feet wet with IT and help make up your mind. SQL is one of easiest programming languages to start with, as it was designed with non-IT people in mind. Even if you decide that programming is not for you, SQL is used in a variety of professions outside strict programming jobs.

#6 You'll get a certificate of completion

Resumes look incredibly good when accessorized with the latest certificates of completion—completing courses and earning certificates shows your commitment to learning and self-development, which are qualities that employers truly value. LearnSQL's SQL summer school is a great opportunity to show your potential and learn new things!

#7 We'll help you pick right difficulty level

Ever heard of the Socratic paradox? "I know that I know nothing." As a beginner, you may struggle to find the right difficulty level because there are so many choices out there. Well, you're in luck—because we have something for everyone.

At, we teach the ANSI standard SQL language along with a general explanation of Codd's rules, giving you a solid foundation in SQL that doesn't depend on any particular database server or technology.

If you're new to SQL, choose the SQL from A to Z Full Track. This pack of SQL courses will teach you how to not only effectively organize long or nested SQL queries but also process trees and graphs in SQL, as well as work with spatial data.

If you have prior experience with relational databases, use the Course Advisor to find the right starting point for your SQL adventure. Each course has a free trial, which means you can explore one or two chapters without paying a cent. That way, you can decide whether you like the course.

Final thoughts

You've waited all year long for summer to come, but you shouldn't let it go to waste—make good use of your spare time! Jump into today to start learning awesome new skills that will help prepare you for your future—as both a student and an employee. September, here I come!