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Black Week 2023 - Free SQL Training For Companies

Are you looking for the best SQL training for your employees? Now, with our Black Week special offer, they can learn for FREE at Read on to find out more.

Black Week 2023 is upon us, and we’re excited to bring some great offers to the table once again. This year, we’re particularly keen to involve our business users in the event, so we’ve put together a tailored proposal just for them. If you’ve got a need for SQL training in your organization, we’ve got you covered. With this offer, you have the chance to obtain free SQL training for up to 20 people in your company.

The rules of our Black Week offer are simple - to apply for the free training, you should have a group of at least 10 people with an ongoing SQL training requirement. You’ll need to complete the form that you’ll find below this article.

We will then choose 15 businesses, to which we will grant access to our Learning Management Portal for the duration of a year.

The Learning Management Portal allows you to:

  • access our full curriculum of SQL courses.
  • track employees’ progress and set assignments.
  • create your own customized courses.

How Helps Companies

The idea of working with businesses to provide solutions to their SQL training needs is not a new one. For some time now, we’ve been working with various companies to ensure their workforces are equipped with the tools they need to thrive in an increasingly data-driven environment.

Black Week 2023 - Free SQL Training For Companies

Through our dedicated Business Portal, we craft tailored solutions to deliver SQL training to organizations across a wide array of industries. Did you know that we’ve worked with Uber to train tens of thousands of employees to date?

Why Are We Doing This?

We are confident that, like so many others that already partner with us, you’ll find our platform to be an invaluable resource when it comes to driving up data literacy within your organization. It is important to us to continue to develop our relationships with companies through the work that we do, so reaching out to raise awareness is an integral part of our strategy.

Black Week 2023 - Free SQL Training For Companies

We trust that you’ll find our courses to be so beneficial that you’ll be happy to provide us with a case study, which we can use for future marketing activities.

What to Do Next?

To take advantage of this special Black Week offer, just fill in the application form below.

Please take care to ensure that your organization’s contact details are correct so that, if you’re chosen, we may contact you to discuss the next steps. The closing date for applications is December 6th, 2023.