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Who Will Win UEFA Euro 2020? Pick Your Team And Get a Refund!

This is one of the most important sporting events of this year. UEFA Euro 2020 is here! Are you a soccer fan? Cheer on your favorite team and get rewards. Become the SQL Champion!

We waited a long time for the European football championship. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, they were postponed. Fans around the world had to be patient. But the wait is over, the soccer feast begins!

Euro 2020

24 teams will compete for the title of ‘the best’. The matches will be played at 11 stadiums in 11 different countries. This is the first time this tournament has been played in this form. The opening match between Turkey and Italy will take place on June 11 in Rome. Both teams are strong, but it is Robert Mancini's players who have something to prove after their defeat in the 2018 World Cup qualifiers.

You can cheer on your favorite team and learn SQL for FREE at the same time! Simply buy any of our SQL tracks or Forever Plan from June 11 till June 23, when the tournament group stage ends. Until this point, you’ll need to correctly predict who will win the Euro 2020. Vote using the form below. If your chosen team wins, you'll get a 75 percent refund on your purchases.

Who will you pick? Portugal defending the title with Cristiano Ronaldo, ever strong Germans, or England with Harry Kane? Maybe you are cheering for someone else? Have fun predicting the winner with us.

You can even win a FULL REFUND if you pick a winning team and a top goalscorer at the same time. Experts say that PSG star Kylian Mbappe has the best chance. Among the candidates for the trophy, there is also the Belgian striker Romelu Lukaku and the Polish captain Robert Lewandowski who won the 2020 Player of the Year FIFA Award.

Pick a Winner

The rules are simple:

  • Buy any SQL track or Forever Plan on
  • Within the form, enter the email address you used to log in to
  • Choose only one team
  • Enter the first and last name of the top scorer
  • You can only vote once. If you vote a second time, only the first vote you cast will count.
  • Announcement of the winners will take place after the final UEFA Euro 2020 match, on July 11.

Remember to have fun and vote by June 23! May the best win! And here is the official UEFA Euro 2020 song! See what came out of the collaboration between Martin Garrix and Bono!