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What Did the Easter Bunny Bring? Sweet Promotions for SQL Courses!

It's already spring and Easter comes with it. This time of year, the world comes to life. Maybe it's time to awaken your hunger for learning? There is a perfect opportunity for that: at we have sweet promotions for you!

If you've ever thought about working with databases, you've probably also come to the conclusion that you need to learn SQL. It is an industry standard that should be in the arsenal of every aspiring programmer, analyst, or entrepreneur. Using the power of data simply pays off and is the best place in the world to learn how to do it!

Easter Promo Graphic: A hand holding an egg. Text: Forever plan $189 instead of $399

You can take single courses on our platform, and most people start with SQL Basics. However, it is much wiser to buy the Forever Plan. Why? Because you will get access to all our courses and tracks. We are not only talking about those that you can find there now – 40 great courses filled with realistic exercises and business scenarios – but also about those that we will create in the future. And not only related to standard SQL, but also those in MS SQL Server and PostgreSQL, FOREVER!

We’ve also prepared something for students. As a student, you’ll be able to get our Forever plan for only $99! To take advantage of this deal, just drop us a line from your school email at, and we will send you back a special promo code to apply during the checkout process.

The promotion will be valid from 04/02 to the end of 04/06. Don't hesitate and start learning today!

Our courses are interactive and contain exercises based on real scenarios. That means a lot of practice. You can write SQL queries in our console using just a web browser, there is no need to install or configure anything.

Still hesitating over whether it is worth learning SQL? Rebecca's article will dispel all your doubts. Check if there is any demand for SQL nowadays. Once you have made the decision to start learning, take time to relax and have fun. Are you getting ready for Easter? Here are some cool hacks for a Happy Easter Holiday!

Don't eat dyed or vinegar-soaked eggs.