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SQL Black Week 2020. See how much you can save!

Wow, have you seen what discounts the Team has prepared for Black Week? We’ve cut all the prices of our SQL courses. We also have something special for students. But hurry up, time is short!

Black Week - Special Pricing:

We know just how much you love to bag great discounts. SQL Black Week 2020 is on!

Like many of our users, you are probably looking for promotions, hot deals, and discounts. LearnSQL has something special for you! We have lowered the prices of our courses - see our pricing page.

SQL Black Week 2020

What does it mean? Our individual SQL courses, which normally cost $39, are now only $25! And there is a lot to choose from. At you can learn the standard SQL and its dialects - MS SQL Server and PostgreSQL. In total, that’s over 57 great, interactive SQL courses. Choose the right one for your level of experience and start learning today!

Perhaps you are a complete beginner? Start your journey to becoming a pro with the SQL Basics course. Here you will learn all the basic things you should know to start working effectively with SQL and relational databases. Now for only $25, you will get access to 129 interactive exercises to help you master the basic functions and syntax of SQL. Finally, you will get a certificate that you can put in your CV, add to your profile on LinkedIn, show it on social media.

We believe that you can learn only by practicing the acquired knowledge. We design our courses so that you can write SQL queries from the very beginning. You will do it in our online console. You won't install or configure anything, all you will need is your favorite web browser.

An even sweeter deal is to buy our FOREVER plan! It's simple - you pay once and gain access to all our SQL courses forever - all present and future courses. Pretty cool? It definitely pays off. Now, users pay $ 299 for the FOREVER plan. But during SQL Black Week 2020 you’ll pay only $179! Let's take a look at the math here. A single SQL course instead of $ 39 will cost you only $3.15! You really do get great value for money! That's over $35 less on a single course, and remember that you will be getting more SQL courses in the future!

This year we decided to prepare something special for students. We know that money often stands in the way of knowledge. Therefore, if you are a student during SQL Black Week 2020, you will pay only... $90 for our Forever plan! All you need to do is send us an e-mail from your university address to We will send you a special promo code. It's That easy. This opportunity may not come again, so if you want to pass your SQL exam with a good grade, practice SQL before your first job interview, or just learn something useful, do it now!

The promotion ends on 12/06/2020! Hurry up, buy today, and enjoy the biggest price cuts in history!

SQL Black Week 2020

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